Reorganize your body into greater health

 What does it mean to reorganize?

Have you ever reorganized your closet?  If yes, why did you do it?  The most likely answer is that things were messy and you couldn’t find what you where looking for.  Your closet was inefficient and wasting your time!

Once you reorganize your closet you can find things easily, its time and energy efficient, and it just plain old feels better.

The same holds true for your body.  Sometimes your body gets “disorganized or chaotic”.  When that happens we call it pain or disease.  The current approach in health care is to fix a part of the body that’s expressing pain or disease.  That is like organizing just your red t-shirts in your closet.  Those look ok now, but what about the rest of it?  Your closet system hasn’t really changed much and in a matter of time it going to be a mess again.

Disease and pain don’t happen in isolation.  Your physical, emotional, mental body and spiritual body are all involved in the process, however typically only one part of your physical body gets addressed.

Why choose reorganizing instead of just fixing it up? 

Moving beyond the immediate

Fixing is quick, immediately and doesn’t really require you to change too much in your life.  This is the reason it wins over reorganizing.  If we go back to the closet example for a moment, arranging your red t-shirts may only take 10 minutes versus the entire closet may take days.  So the real question here is what is the priority and value of reorganizing the entire closet and can you see the bigger picture of how it could help you in your life?

In the fast pace of most of our lives we don’t create the value or stop, step back and look at the bigger picture.  Unfortunately when it comes to our health we wait to take care of our entire being until we hurt or expresses disease.

I often see people who exercise regularly and eat perfectly, but still don’t have the health and level of well-being that they desire.  Why?  Because their focus is too narrow.  Your health is determined by how you take care of yourself physically, your ability to feel and use your emotions, the quality of the thoughts that you have, your habits and behaviors, how connected you feel to community and your feelings of contribution.

If you are curious to learn how you can start to reorganize your body into greater health instead of fixing problems you are invited to attend a free talk on this very topic.  Dr. Hessel will be speaking on Tuesday November 29th, 2016 from 7-8:30p.  Call 303-587-9437 for details and to reserve your spot.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC

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