The human-spirit split

Spiritual-physical disconnection 

At this point in the game of being human most of us know that we are not just bones, muscles, organs and skin.  We have an essence that makes us who we are inside of these bodies we inhabit. It is what animates us and makes us alive.  Some people might refer to that as our spirit, true nature, soul, breath or a myriad of other names.

Even though most of us know that we more than just a physical body, the tendency is to live as though we are just a physical body.  One of the prime places that I see this split is when people are in pain, feeling negative emotions or life doesn’t look like they want it.

So why does this split occur?  When we sit on our meditation cushion or in our quiet space life is pretty good, but when we interact with the world, especially if life feels hard or uncomfortable, that connection to something larger seems to disappear.

The answers are simple…

Top 3 reasons we live disconnected 

  1. Habitual patterning of our “daily lives” puts us in automatic pilot modeThis means we are mostly unconsciously throughout our day and succumb to “world around us” to tell us how to interact with it.
  2. We have conditions for what spiritual looks like.  This one is tricky.  It looks something like this: “If I am free of pain, have money, feel expansive and all of my conditions are met, then my life is “spiritual.” If I hurt, feel bad, constricted or life isn’t working out for me, then something is wrong and this isn’t “spiritual”.
  3. We don’t believe the richness of a spiritual life could be lived in this reality.  It seems impossible so we separate our worlds.  Spirit is only spirit.  Human is only human.

Reconnecting human and spirit

The easiest way to live your whole-integrated being is to realize that you already are.  I know that sounds too simple and perhaps like spiritual woo woo to some, but its really how it works.  The moment you drop resistance to what is through acceptance, you reconnect your spirit with your human existence.  Only then can you actually see the spiritual nature that is (and always was) infused in your present moment.  This requires feeling/merging with pain, discomfort, limitation, and loss.  When you stop resisting what is, you drop the human-spirit separation barrier.  From this place can you move forward as a whole being.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC

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