Quit hiding out behind unworthiness

Be magnificent already!

You are great and magnificent!  If you cringe at reading that statement or think its selfish to say that then you have a touch of the unworthiness bug.  Don’t worry its going around, but alas a remedy has been discovered!

Unworthiness is the largest permission slip we have as humans to live small and not be in our greatness.  Many people have a belief that says something like this, “who am I to be great? I’m just an ordinary human with ordinary skills and talents, nothing great about that!” Really that is a pretty boring, outdated story and more and more people are going to quit believing you because they know it isn’t true.

However you have to be the one to call your own bluff and pull the rug out from your unworthy self.  He/she is a major party pooper and taking up way too much space in your life.  Imagine who you could be if you simply knew how great you are🤔…

Reclaim your value

Your worth it

If you want to have an amazing life and share your gifts like crazy then you have to know you’re great, magnificent, and that you are love.  If you don’t you will constantly live a small, self-centered life because you don’t feel like you have anything of worth to contribute by being you.

It’s unfortunate that unworthiness has been reinforced for many people.  To be unworthy has traditionally been seen as humble, giving or selfless, and to be great seen as arrogant and selfish.  This could not be further from the truth.  If you don’t see yourself as valuable and worthy you sit on your gifts pretending that you don’t have any and it helps no one.  You must know that your presence alone makes you infinitely worthy.  You don’t even have to prove yourself or accomplish a great feat.  You simply need to own, reclaim and know that you are amazing just as you are right now.

Humility does not mean you think less of yourself.  It means you think of yourself less.  ~Ken Blanchard

This year commit to knowing your infinite worth.  Recognize your greatness and magnificence every opportunity you can create for yourself.  You will start to realize that as you do this the magnitude of impact you have on others is beyond what you can currently imagine.  Your life will be less about you and more about how you can share yourself to support another.  You will come alive with purpose and passion that makes 2017 the best year yet!

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC

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