Make peace with uncertainty

The paralyzing force of uncertainty 

Uncertainty can paralyze us.  It can stop us from making importance decisions, saying things that need said, or taking action in our life.  At its worst it keeps us from truly living our lives and loving ourselves and others.

Think of a recent situation where you felt uncertain.  Perhaps you needed to make a choice but felt unsure what decision was best.  Maybe you were scheduled to have a conversation with your boss or a loved one but felt insecure about what would be discussed or the outcome.  Now lets plunge a little deeper…

What is at the root of uncertainty for many people is a fear of making a wrong choice or being wrong as a person.  This fear of potential “wrongness” and its possible repercussions can cripple our dreams and kill our self-esteem, especially if seen by other people.  Having certainty feels like the safer choice for many, however growth and expansion don’t happen in our safety zone, and overtime we stagnate and feel purposeless.

Just be wrong already!

Embracing uncertainty and radical self-love

So what does it take to make peace with uncertainty?  The answer is: RADICAL SELF-LOVE.  No matter how “wrong” you are perceived through your own eyes or the eyes of another, if self-love is present, it doesn’t even really matter.  You can be wrong and make wrong choices and still love yourself!  You may reflect at a future date that you wish you had made a different choice or acted in  a different way, but you don’t reject yourself for it, in fact you find greater love for yourself through it.

In our highest, purest, essential nature there are no wrong choices, nor can you be wrong.  This is hard to bite for many people because they want to keep their judgements about what is “right” or “wrong” more than they want to love.

Part of the human experience is forgetting our wholeness and what/who we are, but when we wake up and remember, we know that we are an expression of love, of perfection.  All of our fear and resistance is to remembering and knowing this.

Even if you make a “wrong” choice or feel like something you did was “wrong”, with radical self-love present you can have appreciation for yourself and anyone else involved.  This frees you to act from love instead of defense and the need to protect yourself and your “rightness”.  Uncertainty then becomes an exciting opportunity to learn more about yourself, grow and love even more.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC

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