Bump up your energy level

Bump up your energy level 

Why do you experience low energy? 

low energyOne of the things are hear most often from people who come and see me in my office is that they want to improve their energy levels.  Many people don’t sleep well, wake up tired, get tired midday, or some sleep wonderfully and still have low energy and motivational levels.  So what is really going on here?  Why are we not feeling as energized, motivated and inspired as we would like to feel?

3 basic reasons why people experience low energy.

  1. Nervous system stuck in “alert” mode.  Many people are overstimulated, over-engaged and overwhelmed.  When it comes time to rest they can’t turn off, therefore their body never gets the opportunity to rest deeply, recover and get revitalized.  These people are always running on “empty” in their energy tank, but they use their body’s adrenaline, coffee, sugar and other stimulants to give them artificial “illusionary” energy.  Eventually burnout, breakdown and illness result.
  2. Emotional suppression.  Culturally we have learned to think more than feel and because of that we stuff or hold back feeling our emotions, often unconsciously so.   The purpose of feeling emotion is to generate energy and movement.  When we don’t feel them we lose opportunities to generate energy for ourselves and we stagnate, feel heavy and become stiff/tense.
  3. Need for sameness-security.  We are addicted to our schedules, routines and habits.  We know what to expect, what will happen each day (or week, month, year).  This gives us a sense of security and control, but also make our lives robotic, ordinary and boring overtime.  Instead of overwhelmed we are underwhelmed. This type of living may satisfy our mind’s need for safety, but numbs our spirit and does not allow for novelty.  Nothing will produce more energy than novelty and non-ordinary experiences.

Moving from low to high energy

Moving from low to high energy states is important for the health of your body, emotional states and the quality of your thoughts.  Low energy produces pain/sickness, crappy feelings and unclear thoughts and focus.  High energy produces a vibrantly functioning body, feelings of joy and bliss and mental clarity.

So how do you get from low to high energy?

  1. Stop doing things that are not a high priority/value for you.  If it doesn’t directly effect your purpose on this planet don’t engage in it.  If they are things that need to be done, delegate or hire someone to do them.   You will start to feel less overwhelmed and more excited and inspired by your life because you are engaging only in meaningful things.
  2. Start paying more attention to your feelings.  Several times a day, stop for a few seconds at a time and tune into what you are feeling in that moment.  Acknowledge that feeling out loud, saying something to the effect, “Right now I feel… (happy, focused, sad, irritated, upset, frustrated, angry, etc.).”  This will start the process of you being able to tune into your emotional body so that you can find, feel and use your emotions in energizing ways.
  3. Allow some novelty, unstructured time and and spontaneity daily (even if it feels unproductive).  Instead of doing the same old, try something new.  Try a new lunch place, interact with someone in your life differently than you normally do, choose different thoughts (yes you choose your thoughts they are not randomly inserted in your mind) about something you think about regularly.  This will light up new pathways in your brain and nervous system, and newness always produces increased energy.

A-P-064One of the primary goals at Chiropractic Alchemy is to help create an environment that allows for a higher energy state to inform your body-being.  We do this through influencing and advancing the nervous system so that it can be a conduit for a higher vibration (energy) to course through it.  Higher vibration coursing through your body means that a more highly intelligent or organized energy is informing you.  As a result your body functions better, its easy to feel and use your emotions, and creativity, insight and new awareness are increasingly present.  This is innovation and advancement of the human body-being in action.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Tomato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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