Intelligent energy

Intelligent energy  

13638380 - spotlight single gold on smog backgroundEverything you experience or express is intelligent energy.  Intelligent energy is full of information that organizes everything of creation (including you) to operate and function in the ways that it does. There are several ways that you can break down or categorize this intelligent energy based on its function, however in truth it is all the same one source. In this article I will talk about four expressions of this intelligent energy as they relate to the human experience.

Life force

Life force is that intelligent energy which informs the body how to function. When life force is unimpeded you experience health, meaning everything in your body is working as it should. When this energy is impeded you express disease. Disease however is still an expression of life force energy.  Life force creates “adaptations” which we have learned to call disease/symptoms, in order to try and keep your body functioning in less than optimal conditions. Its not the symptoms that are the problem, but instead the blockage of life force from flowing through your body.  Blockages of life force can occur through physical means such as poor posture, physical injuries and ingestion of chemical substances that come in the forms of food, medications, poor air quality and recreational substances. We don’t “see” this life force (aka the organizing wisdom of your body), but instead see its expression as physical form.


Emotions are another expression of intelligent energy. When emotional energy is unimpeded you are able to recognize, feel and use your emotions for their intended purpose, which is to create some kind of change. When emotional energy is impeded you have difficulty feeling emotions or feel overwhelmed by emotions, and are unable to use emotions to move forward in your life. Blockages of emotional intelligence occur when unfelt stored emotions impede the natural movement of energy through your system.  This often comes with feeling stuck and inability to move forward in your life.    Again we don’t “see” emotional intelligence, but instead see its expression as our feelings.  There is no “physical” form to emotions, but clearly they exist as we have all felt them.


Thoughts are another expression of this intelligent energy. When mental intelligence is working well your mind is focused and clear. When this intelligence is not flowing well through your system you worry (fear) things will not work out well, you’re unclear and unfocused, you have difficulty creating boundaries, you’re concerned with what other people think of you and don’t recognize yourself as the creator of your reality.  Blockages in mental intelligence come through excessive thinking, inability to turn your thoughts off at will, identification of yourself with your thoughts and beliefs of lack.  Thoughts are the expression of mental intelligence and again have no form but clearly exists.


Soul is another expression of this intelligent energy. When the energy of the soul is unimpeded it is easy to know your purpose, experience gratitude, be aware of the subtle nature of your existence and see the interconnectedness between everything. When this energy is blocked the mental intelligence tends to dominate. This is the current state of the human experience where the spiritual aspects or intelligence have not been valued or recognized. Our thoughts and minds seem to be running the show. Blockages in the soul intelligence come from mental domination and can be experienced as difficulty in feeling love and having a mechanistic perspective on reality seeing things and self as separate objects.  Love, wisdom and unity are the expressions of soul intelligence, which again have no form but clearly exist.

These aspects of intelligent energy (life force, emotional, mental and soul) are all equally necessary and carry important information about how creation expresses. One is it not better or worse than the other. They all need to be flowing  through your system in order for you to have vital physical form, emotional regulation, mental clarity and know your unity with all.

Network care supports the unimpeded flow and access of all of these intelligences through your nervous system. It does this by the development of spinal gateways. Through your network entrainments these spinal gateways grow as structures in your nervous system.  As they develop they begin to connect with each of these intelligences which then inform and organize your system to more effectively use the information contained in each intelligence. This is a revolutionary system which is literally upgrading the human operating system, a.k.a. nervous system, so that ultimately you can be the most pristine clear expression of light, love, awareness, beingness, which is your true nature. From this there is effortless being, doing and knowing as infinite intelligence.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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