Your body’s currency

Your body’s currency 

Energy, energy, energy 

money flyingWe all know that currency is what makes a system run.  Currency is a form of exchange.  For example our economy thrives on money for exchange.  There are other system that use barter or trade.  So what is the currency for your body?  What makes your body thrive like money does for our economy?

The answer is energy, energy, energy!  Energy is your body’s system of currency.  The more energy you can access and use, the more your body thrives.  When you have more money you to tend to feel more taken care of and your basic needs are met.  The same is true for your body, the more energy you have the more taken care of your body feels and the better it runs.

Your body is a system and in order for it to function properly it needs its currency.  Say for example you went to WholeFoods and filled up your cart with groceries.  When you got up to the checkout line you realized that you had no money.  No money=no groceries (instead feel hunger).  This same theory works for your body.  No energy=no health (instead experience disease).

It’s really this simple and the proof is in your day to day experience.  Think of the days when you and your body feel amazing.  You are typically rested, energized and alert.  Think of days when your body feels like crap.  You are usually tired, low energy and moody.

Great, now how do I get more energy?

Accessing & utilizing energy

If we go back to our money example above, it pretty simple to see how you get more money.  You either work smarter or harder and you have more money.  Now some people have access to more money but utilize it inefficiently, meaning in ways that don’t really support them.  The same is true for energy and your body.  Some people can access energy through various means (yoga, meditation, exercise, food, sex, social connection, etc) yet they don’t use this energy efficiently for their body.

47624946 - human energy body aura with chakras - woman and manYour body is orchestrated by an intelligence.  This is how your liver knows what to do and your stomach knows what do without you having to tell it what to do.  There is an “innate” intelligence built into the system.  You can think of it as a blueprint.  When this intelligence is energized it can carry out all its functions efficiently.   When its not energized your body begins to malfunction and hurt.

Network Spinal Analysis “assists” this intelligence of your body by adding more energy to your body system.  It also teaches your body how to efficiently use energy through the development of “spinal gateways”.  As you progress through care these spinal gateways are developed along your spine between the vertebra (bones) in your back.  There is a precise physical location to the spinal gateway and also an energetic location. These spinal gateways grow larger, both deep into your body and away from your body, as you progress through care.  This is important because as they grow your body system gets increasingly energetically efficient.  You become able to not only access more energy but use it more efficiently, which means your body functions better.

Energy is the name of the game when it comes to your health!

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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