Disconnection is the only disease

Disconnection is the only disease 

Physical, emotional and mental aspects of disease 

35721266 - doctor and patient woman.We live in a time where everyone is trying to discover the cause of their disease.  Billions of dollars, time, energy and resources are spent on finding cures.  Most people look for a physical (or physiological) cause to whatever ailment effects them.  They search for some biochemical process that is not working properly and then determine that that must be the cause of their disease.

This basic process of searching, which nearly every person does who has something that afflicts them, takes into account only the physical manifestation of a nonphysical process.  It assumes that you are your body so in order to “fix you” you must repair the body.  Warning, news flash ahead!  Despite what you have been told by probably everyone YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY.  You are instead that which makes your body come alive, which animates and enlivens it.  That nonphysical aspect, which is you, is what runs the show.  It is that which influences and informs the physical body expression, which you call you.

Now some people have more awareness and realize that their emotions and thoughts (some less physical aspects of self) also influence their body.  This is a start in the right direction.  Being able to find and feel your emotions is quite liberating for the health of your physical body.  Investigating habitual thought patterns and discovering how your body responds to them is beneficial and healing as well.  However this is still only a few pieces of the pie.  To really reveal the entire picture we must dive into disconnection from your true self.

Epidemic of disconnection

Who/what are you really?

You are not your body, your emotions, or your thoughts.  All of those aspects are included in “you” but none of them are who you are.  Think about this for a second.  The body, feelings, and thoughts all come and go.  That which comes and goes can never be who you are, because you still remain despite them.  You can observe your body, emotions and thoughts, and therefore that which you observe can never be who you are.  Its like observing a table and saying you are that table.  No, you are the one observing the table, not the table itself.  The identification with the expression instead of that which expresses, or said another way identification with  the observed, instead of the observer, is the birth of disconnection.

9517027 - three white and black electrical plugs into white outlet on the whitePretty much everyone experiences some level of disconnection from who/what they really are.  When you are disconnected from something that means your ability to function is impaired (aka disease).  You’ve got some parts and pieces, but not the essence of what is needed.  Think of a lamp.  If the cord is disconnected from the wall outlet (its source) then it will never function as well as its meant too.  It may look pretty (which is nice), but thats about it.  We want our bodies to do more than look pretty, we want them to be lit up, alive and functioning.  When we connect more fully to our true nature (our source) organically our bodies health, we feel our emotions and our thoughts become clearer.

Network Care assists the reconnection process.  Through unwinding tension patterns in your body-being you begin to reduce the amount of interference (or disconnection) in your system.  As this unwinding occurs in level 1 and 2 of care your awareness simultaneously expands from beyond being your body, your emotions or your thoughts.  You realize you are more, and as care continues you access awareness beyond thoughts.  This is called soul level intelligence.  When this level of awareness is reconnected too you experience love, gratitude and awe as who you are.  You realize your already whole state.  Personal healing losses meaning here as you are less a person and experience yourself as energy or light.  This is the consciousness of stage 9 in SRI and level 3A/B of Network Spinal Analysis.  With each taste of this your system integrates and creates the “space” for this level of awareness to become your new baseline.  The knowing from where “you” are aware and realize yourself as awareness.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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