Creating impact

Creating impact 

Influencing through the power of presence

impactMost of us have a desire to create an impact and positively influence others and the world.  I have found that it is an innate drive that wakes up in people as they move along their journey to greater wholeness and connection.  Sometimes we can feel stuck in knowing how to create impact and influence others.  Perhaps we feel we don’t know what or how to do something so we attempt to do more stuff and find ourselves caught in a whirl wind of energy that is directionless and draining.  Others may not know their power or be fearful of it so they back off, stay small and confine themselves to what they know which often feels stagnate, sleepy and mundane.

No matter what our reaction is the root cause of our feeling of not being able to impact or influence is the same.  That root cause is the feeling and belief that we are separate from that which we are trying to impact or influence.  Whenever you see yourself as separate from that which you are influencing you will have to “do” something in order to impact it.  Let’s call this compulsion to do something “the Doer”.  When you are the Doer there is always some kind of force or effort involved in the act of doing.  There is energy expenditure if you will.  Your energy must do something to someone else’s energy in order to impact them.  While this is one method of creating impact it is not a very powerful one.  It takes a lot of time, energy and work for relatively little impact or payoff.  

So how to do you resolve the paradox of having a separate body (and appearing seemingly separate from others) yet not being a separate being?  It begins with the power of presence.  Many times when we are attempting to create impact we are thinking about how to do it.  When we are thinking we are not present.  We are in our heads thinking instead of being in the alive moment that is.  When we are present we simply know what to do and how to do it, we don’t need to think about it first.  Presence is the first step into realizing your non-separate nature.   

Sourcing from something beyond ourselves

Dissolving self into Self

Most of us are identified with what could be called a small self or ordinary self.  This ordinary self is our personality self and most of us think this is who and what we are.  When we think and believe that we are our personality self we will always feel some limitation and separation.  

There is also a larger Self if you will.  Some people call this higher Self, big Self, source, light, one, God, etc.  This Self is also you and actually a more accurate description of you.  Most of us are not identified with this as ourself but instead as an outside force, entity, presence or being.  We see ourselves as separate from this and not as it.  This is why we  experience duality, polarity, opposites and difference.  

39991951 - starry skyFor a moment use your imagination and see this source and see yourself as part of that source.  Not separate from it, but as a wave or unique energetic signature or uprising within this source field.  You can think about it as seeing the limitless sky and you as a star or point of light within the sky.  You are both the totality of the limitless nature (sky) and this unique expression of that limitless nature (star).  Now go a step beyond seeing it in your mind and feel it with your body.  Now stretch again and experience it beyond your body but inclusive of it.  You are begin to dissolve your smaller personality self into the larger Self that you are.  

As you rest as your larger Self (inclusive of your smaller self) you step into the moment and begin to experience it rather than think about it.  It is like you drop into right now, there is nothing else and you are source itself.  No intermediary is needed between your higher Self and your ordinary self.  You simply are.  It the experience of I AM.  Not I am this or that.  I simply AM.  As I AM you are fully connected because you are source itself. 

From here you are simply impacting and influencing yourself and because it is you you know exactly what to do and how to do it.  No thought required.  Another added bonus of presence is that it is love-bliss filled.  When you are present there is a joy beyond description that you become.  The power of love truly comes into play here.  Instead of using your thoughts/mind to impact you are using your heart which is the one heart.  There is not a depletion of energy such as you are giving your energy to something with less energy, but instead a sharing of energy from one part of yourself to another part of yourself.  In this way it is energizing and playful to create impact and positively influence.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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