Everything is spiritual

Everything is spiritual 

Stop polarizing 

17414714 - cartoon character of angel and devilA spiritual path often has certain defining characteristics.  Included are things like growth oriented, eating well, being kind, engaging in physical activity and have a strong sense of purpose, drive and contribution.  These are all beautiful things yet they encompass only a small range of the human experience.  

While we aspire to be as spiritual as possible on our path we sometimes forget that we are already spirit.  Our natural state is spirit (spiritual) thus it never leaves us.  There are not certain things that are spirit and certain things that are not spirit.  It all is the same, or said another way it is all one.  

Now conceptually we know and get this, especially if we consider ourselves to be on a spiritual path, yet the lived experience of this often evades us.  We frequently don’t see when we go into judgment, polarization, duality and separation.  We think we are so right and justified in our rightness (even towards ourselves) because we are on the spiritual side of things, when in truth there is no side that is not spiritual.  

What this all boils down to is our ability to embrace all of ourselves.  Those parts of us that are imperfect, messy, lazy, undisciplined, that eat sugar or drink alcohol, that are unfocused, feel directionless or that don’t know.  We must wake up to our own self-judgments and the places we push ourselves away and find peace and acceptance with those parts of us.  This is true for those judgments we have of others.  We might think “well so and so just isn’t awake enough or evolved enough yet to understand me or what they are doing”.  While there may be truth to this ask yourself if it think that in judgment (which will create a sense of distance and separation from said person) or ask yourself if you feel it in love (which will create a sense of greater connection and intimacy with said person).   

Seeing God

Tuning into the formless beyond the form

Most of us are familiar with the idea of seeing God in everything and we may even at times make this a practice of ours that we actively participate in.  Through this practice you begin to feel less separation and instead of difference between you and others you see and feel the similarities.  This is the beginning of experiencing the one oneness that is and that we all are. 

12995485 - man energy body, aura - silhouetteOne way to practice this is to tune into the formless nature of our beingness rather than the outward expression of our beingness, which is form.  This may seem confusing or challenging at first, but it really is simply a matter of where we place our focus.  We are so accustom to placing our focus on the physical material expression yet we know that we are not the physical material expression.  A way to notice this clearly is through the death process.  When a person dies the form exists still yet “they” do not exist inside that form anymore.  That “they” that they are is the formless nature of our existence.  It is what makes us come alive yet we can’t see it with our physical eyes in the way that we see form.  We can however notice and recognize it and the more that we do the more that we can “see” and experience that formlessness in each other.

So why is the formlessness so important?  The formless is that essential nature in which we are all one.  In the formless differentiation and separation do not exist.  Through recognizing and brining focus to the formless we bring our individuated consciousness back into its original state, which is the God state, or the pure state of existence.  

Ok so maybe at this point you are asking yourself, “what does this all have to do with polarizing and judgment of self and others?”  The answer is everything.  We must realize that we are all same essential substance, the same unified field, and although our external forms look, act and think differently, they are all expressing from the same one source.  We must get this in order to realize that everything is spirit, not just the things we think, judge or put in particular box labelled “spiritual”.  

Your capacity and willingness to embark on this path of seeing God through focusing on the formless and what connects us all will bring the greatest healing.  Healing occurs through dissolving disconnection and separation from self and others.  This includes parts of yourself that often express as separate parts as occurs in sickness, pain and disease.  Our bodies are a microcosm of this collective macrocosm.  As we come into greater recognition of our collective wholeness (non-separation), greater coherence, cooperation and function occur within the physical expression of our unique selves.   

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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