Not needing or wanting anything to be other than it is

AspirationsWhat is it to really allow?  To drop all of your agendas, expectations, and desires for you or for life to be other than what it is and simultaneously move forward into change, growth and expansion?  Most of us have a drive towards change or evolution and can get conflicted as to how to not come from a place of forceful doing and lack in the process of moving forward and living our life.  It is a seeming paradox as these can appear to be opposing states, doing vs. being or being vs. doing.  Its seems that it has to be one or the other, however true allowing is mastering this being-doing dance.  

In general it is more common that most of us are coming from a place of pure doing, rather than being.  It is culturally accepted to do rather than to be, so we have been conditioned to be doers.  There is still a “bei-er” in doing, but most of us are only focused on the doing and are thus identified as/with the doing that takes place.  We tend not to focus on the fact that there is a being doing the doing and instead only on the thing that is done.  

In order to bring focus on the being we need to pause what we are doing and simply notice what is present when there is no doing.  This is what most meditation techniques are pointing towards, that of noticing beingness, which is also called is-ness, existence or awareness.  True allowing starts with the recognition that there is being or beingness.  You really can’t allow until you can recognize the beingness that is always present, seemingly behind the scenes, and bring it more into the forefront.  

The aim of meditation is to recognize this beingness as you.  For some this is the end of the game and they dissolve further and further into pure beingness and become increasingly formless.  However for most of us that have a human form at this time this is not the end game and instead just the beginning of stages of this being-doing dance that I call true allowing.   

Forces of acceptance 

The interwoven field of bliss-love

Power of couple loveIf the first step is recognizing being, then the second step is accepting exactly what is present without the hunger to change it in any way.  When these first two steps have occurred we empty out ourselves (aka our limited identities) and the ever present, interwoven throughout everything, field of bliss-love becomes known to us.  This field penetrates everything including our sensory-body experience.  The experience of it is like becoming bliss-love, only we are not becoming it, but instead realizing we are it and it is everything.  It is from this knowingness, from this direct experience, that we truly rest.  We have dropped personal agenda, expectations, needs, wants and desires, and have literally fallen into love.  

From this state of rest and of knowing self as god-creator identity, doing arises as allowing.  Doing is the recognition of this bliss-love field as everything you interact with and touch.  It is the allowing what is to be what it truly is simultaneously with the knowing that it can’t not be.  Through you touching an aspect of yourself with the recognition of itself it wakes up and realizes itself as what it is.  It reorganizes its configuration (aka identity) to match that of what it truly is.  This reorganization is the doing or allowing.  It occurs without effort or force, but instead awareness intelligently moves energy into a new configuration.  

Everything in creation is simply energy.  Energy responds and organizes itself in congruence with awareness (beingness).  Our beingness determines creation (doing).  The doing (reorganizing, creating) is simply the effect of awareness.  Things feel effortful and forceful when we are disconnected from ourselves as awareness and identified as the doing.  

In summary the steps are 1) Stop and recognize beingness, 2) Accept everything exactly as it is without the hunger to change it, 3) As a result of steps 1 and 2 empty out of personal self and be filled with the bliss that you are, 4) Recognize bliss-love in everything and watch/allow the doing to unfold throughout itself.  Allow life to reorganize itself and reality to change its form in response to your observation of it as its true nature.  When our true nature is recognized everything can’t not come into congruence with it.  It is in the this way you realize you are not separate from creation.  Creator and creation are one and the same.  There is no doing to some separate object, but instead only recognition of what is, what you are, and then watching/allowing how the manifest creation changes form in response.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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