Aligned as Love

Dr. Amanda Love has a second business called Aligned as Love that is dedicated to helping people come into full alignment as Love and create as being Love in this world. The basic premise is built on knowing that our truest essence is Love and that the next evolution of humanity is dependent on us knowing ourselves beyond simply being a body-mind.

Aligned as Love uses the vehicles of wellness retreats, individual self-love coaching and online classes to bring about its vision of a reality created through Love as Love.  Wellness retreats occur 2-3 times per year at various locations around the globe.  Self-love coaching sessions can be done over the phone or in person for those living or visiting Boulder, Colorado.  Online classes are available to rent for $2 per class.  

Aligned as Love also has a “Self-Love School”.  This is a 12 week online course dedicated to helping you master self-love.  Self-Love School provides the teachings, tools and techniques to help you fully love yourself and live as love.

For a full listing of all offerings please visit the official website for Aligned as Love at: