Self-empowerment & Self-realization coaching sessions

What does it mean to self-empower?  There are places in our lives where we are not living in our power.  This often feels like frustration, resigning to circumstances in our lives or being in resistance to who we are or where we are currently at in our lives.  Most of time we can’t even really see what is going on we just know that we aren’t experiencing the fullness of life that we want to be experiencing.  The process of self-empowerment is to own parts of yourself that are not living their potential and take full responsibility for how you feel, what you think and who you show up as in your day to day interactions with self and others.

What does it mean to self-realize?  To self-realize is to transcend your personality, conceptual sense of self and thus expand into a larger experience of self.  Most people are living with an idea of who they are based on attributes and beliefs about self that have been taught to them over the years of their life.  The process of self-realization begins with relinquishment of an individual or personal self, into emptiness of self where then a larger “self” is realized.  True service occurs when we self-realize as there is no longer a personal self with wants and desires that we must constantly take care of and contend with making sure all of its needs are met.  We are inspired (breathed) by a more complexly organized intelligence source that detects and moves us in the direction of greatest benefit rather than what the mind and personality self thinks it needs or wants.  We begin to know this intelligence that informs as self.

Dr. Hessel provides coaching sessions to facilitate self-empowerment and self-realization for those that feel drawn to this style of support.  Her approach is body-presence centered, assisting in creating congruence in mind-body-life, and facilitation is via transmission (both verbal and nonverbal) and mental reframing.  Sessions are 60 minutes and can be done over FaceTime/Skype or in person for those that live in Boulder.  Cost per session is $225 for first session and $175 for follow up sessions.  There are also package rates available.

Please email for more information or to set up an appointment.