Dr. Love will be giving a series of 3 different workshops this winter/spring of 2019.  Each workshop will meet once a week for 4 weeks at Chiropractic Alchemy.  The cost per workshop is $125 for the 4 week course.  If you miss a class you will have access to an audio recording of it.  Each workshop is limited to 12 participants.  Pre-registration and payment is required to reserve your spot.  Call 303-587-9437 to register.  

Workshop #1: Living Source-fully.  Dates: Fridays Jan18, 25, Feb 8 & 15.  Time: 5-7p

Week 1: Aligning with your true desire & creating soul purpose

Week 2: Learning to open your system to Self/Source

Week 3: Discernment & detecting highest benefit

Week 4: Integration, Q&A, sharing soul gifts

Workshop #2: Self-empowerment.  Dates: Friday’s March 8, 15, 22 & 29.  Time: 5-7p

Week 1: Becoming aware of victim states and where you give your power away

Week 2: Claiming your worth and values & committing to yourself

Week 3: Consciously using your free will in creation

Week 4: Being of service 

Workshop #3: Expanding Perception.  Dates: Fridays Apr 19, 26 & May 3, 17. Time: 5-7p

Week 1: Discovering your filters & limiting perspectives

Week 2: Beyond the 5 senses.  Tuning to your subtle body

Week 3: Turning the brightness up on the formless

Week 4: Simultaneously tuning to multiple perspectives

March 2017: Heart-Based Living

Wednesday March 29, 2017.  Heart-Based Living: Live the frequency of Love.  7p-8:30p.


Tired of your head ruling your life?

Want to live from your heart instead?

Symptoms that indicate that your heart is not leading your life:

  1. Find yourself stuck in your head frequently
  2. Hard to turn off your mind
  3. Nervous system is hypersensitive
  4. Feel consistent underlying tension in your body
  5. Breathing is effortful
  6. Need to be in control
  7. Feel like you are navigating life in the dark

Topics covered in this workshop: 

  1. Heart entrapment syndrome “HES”
  2. The spine-heart connection
  3. Love infused physiology
  4. Finding, healing & using your heart
  5. Elements of heart-based living

Come to HEART-BASED LIVING & discover how to find, heal and live from your heart.

November 2016: Reorganize your Body!

Tuesday November 29, 2016: Reorganize your Body into Greater Health.  7p-8:30p

Are you tired of chasing symptoms and want to heal for real?

Would you like to learn what a pain or symptom is trying to teach you about what needs to change in your life?

Do you want to feel more empowered when it comes to your body and how it expresses health or disease?

Does being in a higher energy state so that you can more easily make congruent choices for your health and life excite you?

Health and life challenges give us extraordinary opportunities to reorganize our body and life to our next level of well-being.  Developing the skills to reorganize (instead of fix yourself) allows you to experience well-being that is beyond returning you to a previous state of health.  You gain the inner resourcefulness needed to live a connected and empowered life.

Join Dr. Amanda Love, DC for this free talk on Reorganize Your Body into Greater Health to learn how you can reorganize to your next level of wellness!

Talk Objectives: 1) Learn the Truth about Pain, 2) Using Emotions for Growth, 3) Making Empowered Change, and 4) Demonstration of Network Care

January 2016: Beyond Pain Management

Tuesday January 26th, 2016: Beyond Pain Management: Pain as a Path to Progress. 7p-8:30p

Are you experiencing pain that isn’t going away?

Have you tried many ways to manage your pain without full success?

Do you desire a new way to work with your pain?

Pain can be annoying, frustrating and interfere with your life. There is much more to pain then most people are aware of and this is why pain often persists despite our efforts to manage it.

Pain can take us down the road to suffering or up the road to progress. Come and learn about the 3 ways that people experience pain and how you can use pain in your body & life to help you heal and even make progress in your life towards your goals and dreams.