Service based healing

Service based healing 

Move from personal to collective healing 

68216466 - teamwork heart love hug people vector designMany of us are aware that our world is changing.  We are in a time period on this planet where the consciousness is moving from “me” to “we”, service to others, what is better for the whole of humanity instead of pure survival of our self, and love based living.  With this shift comes a shift in our current healing paradigm.

If you have pain, illness, discomfort, whether physical, mental or emotional in nature, it has been the standard for some time now to seek out support for personal healing. To restore the self so that you can have the life you want and create your dreams, which is by the way your birthright.  However this model is flawed and limited.  First is assumes that you are not whole already, so you need healing to get more whole and be less messed up, which is not true.  Second people can often spend years healing themselves, meanwhile wasting time/life where they could be contributing to others in powerful ways and creating a better planet to live on.

As making the jump from personal/individual healing to collective healing can be quite large there are some perspective shifts along the way.  The first perspective shift is to create the intention that through your personal healing, it will heal the world.  So you can see this is more than just you getting out of pain or feeling more comfortable.  Instead you create the intention that you must heal yourself so that others know their wholeness in your presence, thus healing themselves.  This is service based healing.  Healing to be in greater service to the whole.

The second perspective shift is how we see wounds and gifts.  We are very accustom to putting something like pain, illness, etc, in the way of our current self and our next level of greatness so that we can say small and not shine (stick out) to brightly and really serve humanity on bigger levels. Service based healing requires us to claim the gifts of our wounds now so that we can teach others to do the same.

The gifts of our wounds

Letting the soul shine though

What if your illness, pain, injury, wounding was simply the excuse you use to not give your gifts?  What if it was all smoke and mirrors and your pain was not really the limiting cause in your ability to show up in the ways you want too?  What if your wounds were instead the fuel source of the gifts you have to give to humanity?

Think of your most painful experience.  What did it feel was lacking, taken from you or you did not have?  Love, kindness, joy, worth, connection, attention, confidence, power, strength, inclusion, respect, aliveness, acceptance?  Whatever it felt was lacking, is yours to develop.  The wound is what you “gave to yourself” in order to have the hunger to develop that which was lacking.  Without the hunger their is no drive to develop.

Say for example you were born feeling worthy and nothing ever “took” that from you.  If you felt inherently worthy you would have no need/desire to develop self-worth because you already have it, but for the one who felt worthless, the hunger to develop worth is strong.  Through your journey of developing your worth you learn how to do it and thus can teach others.  This is how your wounds become your gifts.

You can think of wounds and gifts as opposite ends of the same line.  When you operate life from the wounded aspect you will always be focused on yourself, in survival mode, barely have enough energy for your day to day and have a mild impact on others.  When you operate from sharing your gifts you connect with the intelligence of your soul which fuels you with  passion, aliveness, transcends the self, sees always how it can contribute to the larger and makes massive impact on others.  The choice becomes do you want to hold onto the wounds and stay angry, victimized, hurt, violated, cheated, mistreated, wronged, or do you want claim the gifts of boundless love, worth, value, joy, acceptance, connection and share that with the world.  However much it may feel at times that the choice is not yours, it ultimately is yours to make in each breath, movement, thought, feeling and action.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Move from Me to We

Move from Me to We 

The focus on healing me 

selfieWithin spiritual communities there is a large focus on healing.  Healing all of your traumas/wounds, diving into your darkness and increasing your relational transparency.  While all of these things are valid and necessary in order to see and become aware of yourself, they also keep you contained within your personal healing journey.  They focus on me, me, me without leaving room for much else.

There is absolutely a rhythm on most people’s journey where these aspects need to be addressed and given the attention they deserve, as otherwise more inclusive states of being cannot be held or sustained, however I see many people get stuck here.  Spirituality has become defined by some as “I dove into more of my darkness and have more wounds so I’m more evolved aka better than you”.  This can be tricky to see as it is often an unconscious theme, and unfortunately it keeps you focused on yourself and how healed you are or aren’t becoming.

3 basic rhythms in moving from Me to We:

  1. Discover.  This is the rhythm of personal healing.  You become aware of your patterns and how you do you.  How you’ve avoided pain and learned to protect/guard yourself throughout your life. You move from hiding out in fear, lacking worth and value, to declaring your are actually a somebody.
  2. Transform.  This is the rhythm of developing a self, a person, a somebody.  You feel empowered, worthy, begin to make your own rules for life.  You create, make changes and essentially “conquer your world”.  No one can mess with you here as you are in full charge of your life.
  3. Awaken.  This is the rhythm of no longer being a self.  You realize that your empowered self, though great, is not all there is.  You begin to “lose” or relinquish your sense of personhood along with the self importance and significance that comes with it. Your “identity” becomes more of beingness, light and love.  You simply exist and not as a separate being, but as all there is.

Next level spirituality  

Focus on healing we

Becoming aware of yourself, your patterns, developing a personhood or identity is a vital part of the journey, but it doesn’t end there.  Many people in spiritual communities are stuck in the Discover rhythm.  They also have a sense of the Awaken rhythm, but because they haven’t developed a self they have nothing to relinquish at the end of Transform and end up feeling unworthy to Awaken and know themselves as God, which keeps them feeling like they have nothing to offer, something to prove, or that they are not that almighty and powerful.  They don’t realize their contribution to/as the larger and thus go back to focusing on healing their personal wounds (as this is where they get their significance), to become more “whole” instead of seeing how they can contribute and be in service at the collective level, creating massive influence and change.

18528553 - 3d people - man, person climbing stairs.Next level spirituality requires that we massively up level ourselves.  That we get beyond our personal healing journey of focusing on our wounds/traumas, reclaim our worth and value, in order to truly surrender our self so that we can know more of who and what we really are.  Thus God/life/universal intelligence can work through us, as us, to create the most awesome world together as the one being we are.

From here we can heal We.  Entire systems and structures can shift overnight as being the collective is much more powerful than our personal, will self.  It requires we be willing to relinquish our personal agendas, our self-importance, including what we think our super important purpose is, for something we may not even know yet.  Letting go of what we think we know, trusting, and not drawing conclusions about what things mean are the beginning elements to becoming universal intelligence in action and healing the world.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado