Preconception Care: Creating the most Nurturing Inner Environment for a Healthy, Happy, & Empowered Baby!

Are you an Aspiring mother or father?
Have you had trouble Getting or Staying pregnant?
Are you a couple who wants to plan a Conscious pregnancy?

Preconception care is a natural way to optimize fertility and ensure a healthy pregnancy. The basic premise is that a healthy body is a fertile body and will support a healthy baby. It aims to have both prospective parents be as healthy as possible prior to conception attempts.

Preconception care helps couples who are experiencing functional infertility, those having had recurrent miscarriages or couples who are proactively planning a pregnancy. There are 3 basic components to preconception care. 1: regulating your body’s response to stress and creating a safe inner environment in your body for a baby, 2: getting the proper nutritional requirements needed make healthy eggs and sperm, and 3: lifestyle changes that support a healthy body.

There are two types of infertility, structural and functional. Structural infertility implies a challenge in the structure of your body that impairs your ability to get or stay pregnant. Functional infertility is an inability to conceive that is related to physiological difficulties such as hormonal challenges, regulation of the stress response, age, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and weight. Preconception care is helpful for those with functional fertility challenges.

Even if you have no known difficulty getting or staying pregnant preconception care is extremely important in helping create the healthiest baby possible. In the U.S. 17% of children are diagnosed with a learning or behavioral disability according to the CDC. Over 10 million children wake up and take a schedule II psychotropic drug to control their behavior and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and allergies in children are on the rise. Also many now common conditions such as low birth weight, premature birth, malformation, breastfeeding difficulties, asthma, eczema & poor resistance to infection are often preventable with proactive care.

The health of you, including your energy levels, sleep patterns, thoughts, habits and what you focus on are incredibly important during preconception time and after conception as well. Supporting your body’s physiology to be in a receptive, safe, and empowered state is key. The quality of your egg and sperm at the time of conception is also vital in creating a cellular template that creates a healthy baby. There is a 4 month window prior to conception where it is pivotal to support your body’s response to stress, get the proper nutritional requirements, and engage and/or avoid certain lifestyle habits so that you create the best eggs and sperm possible.

Through these basic, yet essential 3 components, you create the safest and most nurturing space inside your body to foster the growth and development of a healthy, happy and empowered baby!

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC, MS, L.Ac

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Also if you live in the Boulder, Colorado area Dr. Hessel will be providing a free educational class on Preconception Care on Thursday April 2nd at 7p-8:30p at Studio Be Yoga, 1676 30th Street, Boulder, CO. You must call 303-587-9437 to reserve your spot.


What is BodyMind Alchemy?

BodyMind Alchemy is the transformation process of you through your bodymind. The body and the mind are not separate. This is mostly common knowledge but many people are not aware of just how intimately they are connected. For healing and transformation to occur bodymind must be addressed holistically and seen as two expressions of you affecting and interrelated to each other.

Alchemy can be thought of as transformation however it goes even beyond. Alchemy is concerned with finding the preciousness in what seems ordinary, it finds meaning in the meaningless, and it illuminates that which appears dark or dull bringing it to new life.

What does this mean for you? Often when something goes “wrong” in our body or we have a life situation that feels unpleasant or unwanted we want that expression of life to be fixed or eliminated. That symptom or life situation is often very charged and when things are charged they are full of energy, energy that can be harnessed and used to create change and transformation.

Instead of getting rid of problems, bodymind alchemy helps you connect with and harness that energy to be used to get you where you want to be. Symptoms and unpleasant life situations occur when life is calling us to move into a new part or expression of ourselves. It doesn’t mean that something is “wrong” with us, but instead that life is asking us to grow, expand, evolve, accept and rise into something even more beautiful and profound than we already are.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, D.C., M.S., L.Ac