Experiencing Heaven on Earth

Waterfalls in Plitvice National ParkImagine paradise.  The gentle wind breezing across the valley.  Sunlight streaming through sky.  Leaves dancing on trees.  Bliss abound.  All you feel is peace.  Everywhere you look all you see is love.  The true nature of nature revealing itself to you as you perceive it.  This is heaven on earth, the kingdom having come, truth experiencing itself.  How is it that paradise becomes your experienced reality rather than simply your imagined fantasy?  What bridges the gap between dreams and reality?  

What makes this seeming leap is simply the reference point from where you view and your recognition as the viewer of it all.  How do you shift your reference point?  Through taking off your armor which keeps you viewing life from a separate person-object perspective and opening into the subject, the seer, the knower of all that is.  Due to our conditioning and thus sense of being a separate person-object it can be hard for our minds to fathom anything but the perspective of being a separate person in a world doing things independently from other separate things.  However it is that very perspective that must be dismantled in order for us to know reality beyond our mind’s limited construction of it, which is often assimilated to be some version less than the blissful paradise we desire.  

From the perspective of separation there will always be doing, trying, getting somewhere, going somewhere, progress and work to do.  In paradise there is only the eternal now.  The present that is always present.  Completely perfect and still in its movement.  Metaphorically speaking many of us are wearing suits that are too tight, staying in perspectives that are so limited in their view, constricting us, making it hard to breath and move freely, and yet we don’t realize that our perspective is completely 100% in our hands.  That we are the ones creating the perspective that we see through and that we are the “Perspectiver.”  No one has told us this.  It like the hidden truth that is in plain sight for all to see if only the curiosity and hunger to look is cultivated.   

Living Armor-less 

Taking off your armor

warrior woman swordInherit in perceiving ourselves as a separate object-person there is a need for self-protection and thus armor.  Armoring can be physical in the way we hold tension in our muscles or body, it can be emotional in the way we allow or don’t allow certain feelings, and it can be mental in the ways we analyze, justify, rationalize and defend ourselves with words or ideas.  That self-protection appears (from the perspective of separation) to keep us alive and out of harms way from objects that are other than us that could potentially hurt us.  Objects could be other people, thoughts and emotions (ours or perceived others), sensations, and other seemingly solid or non-solid structures.  When we are choosing the perspective of separation there will always be perceived things that we need to protect ourselves from.

To be willing to take off our armor of self-protection we must begin to see ourselves beyond being a separate person.  We must be willing to give away our identity, our need for significance, validation, justification, being seen or heard, being right or liked, and also our fears.  We give our power over to what we fear more than anything else.  If we fear we will always perceive the need for self-protection and defense.  Fear is a lack of trust and insisting on separation when there isn’t any.  Love is knowing that no-one and no thing is to blame, that nothing is out of place, and that nothing could ever go wrong or be wrong no matter how detrimental or devastating our mind tries to make it.  

Moving beyond separation requires suspension of our inner judger, or our inner “righter/wronger”.  This little sucker is loud.  It is running the show most of the time and we are asleep to it.  We unconsciously allow it to determine what our experience of life is without even questioning it.  Thus we suffer and create suffering.  We experience wrongness where there is no wrongness.  We see hate where there is only ever love.  Our perspective is so out of sync with the true reality of paradise and we continue to allow it, and beyond that we continue to create it, and re-create it and re-create it, 100 million times a day.

The good new is that you are not and do not need to be a passive agent in the process of waking up any longer.  You truly have never been disempowered, you’ve only failed to recognize your power.  You are and have always been an active participant.  Your now conscious active participation is what is required to bring the perspective of heaven to earth.  It lies within you to do so.  In fact you are the only one who can.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

The end of perceiving problems

The end of perceiving problems 

Recognizing the truth of what is

asian chinese child watching computerHow many problems did you perceive today?  2, 15, 30, 100?  If you really take a look you might be surprised by just how many things you view as a problem.  A problem can be seen as anything that seems to be wrong, out of place, broken, lacking, deficient or less than perfect.  A better question to ask yourself may instead be, “Did I view everything single thought, action done by me or others, and every single thing that arose in my experience today as perfect?”  If not then you can bet that you perceived problems today.  

We have an epidemic of perceiving problems.  We are conditioned like nothing else to think that something is lacking, missing, broken or deficient.  This creates a state of being of which we exist within of never right, never perfect, never whole, never enough… and it is such a painful existence.  Brittled with suffering which most people have numbed or find ways to numb themselves out from feeling on a daily basis.  We’ve normalized this way of being and think that its just what life is, this perpetual state of problems and wrongness with ourselves and the world.  I’d like to invite the perspective that that might be the biggest lie we’ve ever been taught to see.

So what’s the alternative?  To see all as perfect.  Simply notice that as you entertain the perspective of perfection what arises for you.  What things feel not acceptable or includable in the perfection of all that is?  Notice where you resist to believe it and want to insist on holding something as separate from perfection.  Perhaps it’s the words someone spoke to you, or an action you saw someone take, or a thought that you had about yourself that you didn’t like, or some sensation you have in your body.  Everything, and I mean everything, is part of the one whole perfect beingness of everything regardless of how we judge it.  To think otherwise is to create separation where there is actually no separation.  When you perceive, and thus create separation for yourself, you create suffering and find yourself living in an unkind, unjust, disconnected world.  Again I’d like to suggest that perhaps it’s not the external world that is this, but that all lies within the perceiver of it.   

The perspective of a perfect world 

From separation into unity

15694079 - fresh grass with dew drops close upIf perceiving problems creates separation and suffering than it is only logical that perceiving perfection creates oneness and unity.  Isn’t oneness and unity what most of us “conceptually” want and know to be true on some level yet struggle to make experiential in our day to day existence?  Then why is it when we are shown the way to make unity and connectedness our reality we turn away and continue our insistences and judgments of imperfection, problems and lack?  

In some ways we are really stubborn creatures who want to be right rather than perceive a more absolute truth.  We find a false sense of safety and security in our rightness and also validation of our worth.  Hence we keep our judgments of what we think is right and wrong.  We also don’t much like giving in to something other than what we think or accepting what is particularly when it doesn’t feel good.  So we guard, protect and aren’t honest with ourselves.  In these ways we disconnect from parts of our experience, sometimes alright labelling them as wrong, and other times just gently slipping our consciousness away from them, acting as if they don’t exist and even denying to ourselves that they do.  It’s in this more subtle way that we create separation within our experience.  

To perceive everything as perfection we must also include ourselves.  This is a major roadblock for some, as they may be able to perceive every single aspect of creation as perfect except for this expression which they call themselves.  After all we been conditioned to believe that we are unworthy and imperfect so who are we to perceive ourselves as divine living perfection? Isn’t that up to someone else to decide?  Nope.  Its up to you to decide and choose.  The truth is you are the only one that can change that perspective of yourself.  If you as the perceiver can’t perceive this expression that you call yourself to be divine living perfection you will always find yourself to be unworthy, things to be unjust, and in some way you will project this onto your perceived external physical reality and continue to find wrongness and problems with yourself and the world.  

We are in need of a massive shift in perspective on this planet.  To see things as they are rather than what we’ve learned that they are.  In this way we return back to our original, pristine, clear knowing of ourselves rather than the conditioned knowing and thus create a completely different world and set of experiences for ourselves.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

What are you committed to now?

What are you committed to now?

You are at where you are ready for

3D Rendering battery chargeAsking yourself “what are you committed to now” is the same thing as what you are ready for in your life.  Often times we say we are ready and that we want “xyz”, perhaps it is to feel differently, to stabilize in a more expanded state of being, be more energized or to have a different set of circumstances or conditions, yet we aren’t actually committed to or ready for it now.  We put the idea of what we think we want out there as a whimsical concept or a “hope and dream” that someday (fingers crossed) it will happen.  In doing so we keep our desires distant in time, to some future time unknown to us, simultaneously waiting for a magical and mysterious force to make it happen.  In doing so we give our power away while creating separation in what we think our actual reality can be now.  

What does it take to really be ready?  To be committed now and not at some future mysterious time?  It takes your knowingness that you can no matter what and your 100% desire and alignment with that which you say you want.  Not 95%, not 97%, even 99% alignment won’t cut it.  It must be 100% of you in alignment with that which you desire.  No wavering, no excuses, no justifications, no saying that you don’t know how or thinking that you can’t.  When you are ready there are no obstacles between what you are and what you desire.  In some ways its already happened and the physical manifestation catches up with where you already are.  

When we put things off, say we don’t know how, look for something outside of us to make it happen, we are outsourcing our power and choosing separation and suffering over freedom, liberation and truth.  That may sound extreme, and indeed it is extreme, yet we are doing it all of the time, calling it normal and then wondering why we are still suffering and why something magical hasn’t fixed us yet.  Something magical hasn’t fixed us yet because we have yet to claim that we are the magical being that “fixes us”. There is no other.  We are our own responsibility.   

Natural rhythms

Stages of Consciousness with Somato-Respiratory Integration  

39250156 - abstract circles art background. (swirl pattern)There are natural rhythms to everything.  In fact this is what the 12 stages of SRI are based on, the natural rhythms of consciousness that are experienced on the journey from suffering to awakening into truth. There are rhythms to suffer and feel powerless (stage 1), there are rhythms to project that other people and things know more than you (stage 2), rhythms to feel stuck and limited (stage 3), rhythms to reclaim your power (stage 4), rhythms to merge beyond your stories of limitation (stage 5), and rhythms to be ready, committed (stage 6) and to know yourself beyond what you’ve known yourself to be (stage 7).  No rhythm is better than another.  They are simply stages of development that we experience.  Some of them we visit or hang out in more frequently than others.  If there are stages or rhythms that aren’t resolved for you then they will keep resurfacing.  You must find acceptance within each rhythm if you are to integrate fully your development of the stages.

Its never about forcing yourself into a rhythm that you aren’t in and desire to be in, but more about fully being in and with whatever rhythm you are in.  The capacity to be able to do so means that you have to be able to identify the rhythms and know which one you are currently experiencing.  It is through identifying and being with where you are at that you can move through the stages with increasing grace and presence.  

The rhythm of being ready and committed is a higher stage of transformation. You know who you are, you know why you are here, and you simply must align with it.  So how do you get to a stage of readiness?  Its a combination of becoming aware, acknowledging and accepting your disconnection, being sick enough of suffering (this is where the energy comes from to transform), reclaiming your responsibility of your state of being, knowing you are worth it and that you are moving through and forward no matter what.  You simply decide and it is so.  There isn’t even really another choice at this point.  

In this particular rhythm it is never about the circumstance, situation, or other people, it is always about you.  It is about how you can better align with what is important to you, its about what you must do and how you must show up.  The power is not out there somewhere but instead here within you, as you, you hold the magic key.  Everything and anything is possible here.  You simply must be your commitment.  The world responds to you not the other way around.  You know your place as creator of and doing to rather being done to.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

The veil of forgetting

The veil of forgetting 

Perceived separation from our essence

Curtain from the theatreOne of the prime aspects of being human is that we have forgotten who and what we truly are.  By definition being human in a way requires us to forget our essence so that we can have a particular set of growth experiences that can only be experienced through forgetting.  As frustrating as this feels for us at times, it is part of the grand design of this universe. 

In the “Law of One”, which is a channeled text by a group called Ra, they discuss this as the the veil of forgetting.  All beings who incarnate as humans come underneath this veil so to speak.  So what exactly is this veil?  Essentially as I experience it, it is a veil of separation.  It comes with the experience that I am a separate person, with my own feelings, thoughts, and ideas and because I am separate I must protect myself from other beings.  Now when I use the word “other being” I am not only talking about other people, but I am also talking about sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas.  Beingness consists of all of these aspects, but generally we ascribe “other being” as another person.  I use a much larger definition here.  We are often protecting ourselves from others emotions, thoughts, sensations, ideas and actions that we perceive could be threat, and when we feel separate, threat is a persistent undertone to all of our experiences.

Within this veil there are also often feelings of being alone, cut off, disconnected, now knowing and wanting some external proof that something larger is orchestrating this universe, call that God or whatever you would like too.  Due to this veil of forgetting or separation we do not know what we are, that our very beinginess is the proof of God’s existence, as we are that.   

So we have this veil of forgetting our essence, so we thus feel like separate individual beings and we perceive threat from other.  This perceived threat, that is based on feeling separate, activates the fight/flight response in our nervous system.  When this get activated all of our resources go towards survival, protection and maintaining safety of our individual self.  The experience of having the fight/flight system activated is often reactive, defensive, anxious and overwhelmed.  


Our agreement to forget

The lessons of separation

Believe it or not, ultimately some aspect of your beingness agreed to have this experience of separation here now on this planet called Earth.  I’ve heard that being incarnated here is described as one of the richest and most sought out opportunities in the universe. Many beings want to come here to accelerate their souls growth and journey as one of the fastest ways is through this forgetting and the intensity of polarization of energies that are present here.  So you are quite fortunate to be here!  

So what are these lessons and why must we forget?  The lessons are unique to each being, but one of the primary global lessons is learning faith and surrendering what we think we know so that we can remember who we truly are.  We have developed these personalities that are very convinced of what they think they are (separate individual beings with names such as John or Mary) and what they know (the labels they have learned for things in the external manifest world).  At some point we come to a place where we realize that most of what we have been taught actually isn’t true and that we really don’t know shit.  We’ve learned to describe and give meaning to things and our sense of self and safety is reliant on those definitions and meanings since we perceive ourselves to be separate beings.  When we can suspend those definitions, even momentarily, we get a taste of truth.  

To have faith and surrender means that we must give up our own agendas, meaning what we think is supposed to be for instead what is to be revealed, the mystery, the unknown.  Now having faith doesn’t mean that you lose your free-will or that you no longer have intentions.  Faith and free-will exist simultaneously, even though they appear to be opposites they are indeed complementary.  You use your free-will to create and dream into being this life you desire and simultaneously let go of what you think it looks like in the manifest form.   

50013666 - girl opening curtains in a bedroomIt is through this learning that you begin to know your connection to something beyond your separate sense of self.  It is through this direct experience that you taste that which orchestrates all of life.  Without this veil of forgetting you would not be able to learn this lesson because you would already know what you are.  Here on this planet is the epic opportunity to learn this thing called faith and surrender.  

Through this learning you begin to penetrate this veil of forgetting and separation and experience your interconnectedness.  Your nervous system is now in allow mode rather than protective (fight/flight) mode and you begin to experience what I call the intergalactic nervous system, which is the way we are all connected through this intricate matrix-web-field of light-love.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Opening to life

Opening to life

Beyond separation 

glowing brainPeople frequently ask me “what do you mean by open” in reference to when I talk about their body and their nervous system.  The idea that they could be either open or closed has not crossed their mind.  What I mean when I say “you’re more open” is that your nervous system is now in a state where it is better able to communicate with intelligent energy.   Remember the article I wrote a few weeks ago on the different expressions or categories of energy?  While your nervous system is a conduit for energy to move through.  As your nervous system is in more of an open state there is greater connection to and flow with the energy that organizes everything in the universe in order to better organize you.  When you (including your body, thoughts, and emotions) are more organized then everything works more smoothly.

One of the most basic, yet flawed assumptions that we live by is that we are separate from other people and from the physical reality we perceive.  We see ourselves as a body-mind that is apart from other body-minds and apart from situations and circumstances.  This is a closed state and creates immense suffering and eventual breakdown (or what we call illness or disease).  Separation includes the belief that we have little influence and impact on ourselves and our life.  Separation is the root of disempowerment and is a disconnected state.  Disconnected from life, from intelligent energy and from who/what you really are, which is the creator of this life.  We have become overly identified with the separate body-mind and have thus lost our connection to the source of life itself.


Your choice is required

Many people don’t realize that participation, or opening to more of life, is an option.  We tend to believe that things, including us, are just the way they are, and that’s it, end of story.  We fail to see our role and that we have choice in how much of the game of life we want to play.

6127180 - the world should be saved by the creatorOne of the fundamental laws of this creation is free-will.  We all have free-will to choose to open or close down from life.  This law is in effect even if you are not aware that you are the one choosing.  When you begin to wake up to the fact that you are more than this  body-mind, but the actual creator of it, it becomes obvious that you are the one choosing your life and life experiences, but until this awareness is realized there remains some level of disconnection and feeling of victimization and disempowerment.

So how do you realize and reclaim more of your free-will?  You must take responsibility for your life.  This includes taking responsibility for the way you feel, the thoughts you have and even how your body expresses pain or disease.  As you begin to take responsibilty you will notice how frequently you allow circumstances or other people’s actions or nonactions to determine how you feel.  You will also notice that are not in  charge of your thoughts and are simply allowing whatever random thought that floats in to be there without realizing you are choosing that thought.  You will also realize that you feel like you have no control over how your body expresses, and that if something hurts it just hurts are you are victim to it.  When you start becoming aware at this level you are starting to wake up to your power (aka free-will and choice).  Simply through seeing these habitual patterns of disconnect, disempowerment and separation, your system will begin to wake up and open up more.  This will bring in more choice power, meaning you will begin to see how you can allow yourself to soften, to open, to participate more with the larger rhythms and energies of life, or not.  If you make the choice to open and participate more, then the  tendency or need to protect yourself becomes less and less.  There will be less efforting and more allowing to be taken with the tide rather than trying to swim upstream.  You will eventual realize that you’ve been the tide all along, simply fighting yourself.  At this level you begin to feel blissful, light and in the flow with life.

Mandy and meNetwork Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration are permission slips of sorts to help you open your system and yourself to more of life.  They provided expanded awareness and an experience into more of you, however you ultimately must be the chooser to open and step into larger rhythm of participation with life.


Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado