Unwinding Spines & Unleashing Hearts at the Sanctuary for Heart Magic!

Welcome to the Sanctuary for Heart Magic (previously Chiropractic Alchemy)!  We are devoted to helping you unwind the tensions of your body-mind so that you can unleash the power of your heart.  

Email Hello@SanctuaryforHeartMagic.com or give us a call at (303) 587-9437 to learn more and see how we might be able to serve you!


  • Desire healing rather than symptom management
  • Want to align body-mind-soul-life
  • Are ready to take responsibility for their well-being
  • Want to increase their subtle & energetic awareness 
  • Are hungry to live from their heart in everyday life


  • Feeling more alive & energized
  • Living an aligned life
  • Flexible spine, open heart
  • Regulated nervous system
  • Permission to be YOU


  • Network Spinal Analysis: Subtle energetic light touch network chiropractic care to create physiological ease & nervous system strategies for advancing life
  • Somato-Respiratory Integration: Facilitation of somatic exercises with corresponding rhythms of consciousness to increase mind-body-heart coherence 
  • Alignment Coaching: Support to sustain your chosen state of being in order to live your calling & be of service to others

Dr. Amanda Love, Network Spinal Chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado


“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Dr. Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness. I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

Anthony Robbins – Peak Performance Coach and Best-selling Author, Unlimited Power



Dr. Amanda has been a huge blessing in my life. Her work with Network Chiropractic is revolutionary in how it shifts lives and her personal technique and approach is different from anything I’ve experienced. She has worked with my family and myself for years now and the long term benefits are incredible, peace of mind, trust in my bodies ability to heal, leaning in to my own wisdom and overall physical well being, to name a few. Thank you for the incredible impact you’ve had on my life and my body!  -Mara Simoneau, Five Rings Financial Advisor 


Amanda Love is an amazing network practitioner who has sparked profound changes in my health. Over two years ago I started seeing Amanda to recover from a significant head injury. Little did I know that her work would not only help heal my physical body but also open the energetic doorways to a much fuller life. My system is now much calmer, open and receptive. I am able to experience the world with more joy and ease. I walked into Amanda’s office expecting standard chiropractic care. I was mistaken, her work awakened me to more than I thought was possible in this life. Thank you Amanda!  -Mike Kabjian


I’m so grateful to have found Amanda at the perfect time of my life when I was finally ready to release the blocks in my body that we’re keeping me from creating my own energy. I’ve worked with other network chiropractors before but since working with Amanda, I’ve experienced the most opening in my body under her care. Her intuition and keen ability to sense energy makes her an unbelievable healer whom I fully trust. She works passionately and effortlessly, and truly believes in the power to self heal. I’m honored to receive care from her and watch my body reveal its innate wisdom.  -Alaina Gurwitz


I’ve been a chiropractor and a Network Chiropractor myself for almost two decades now. So I think I have a pretty refined pallet when it comes to Network Practitioners. I have to say, Amanda is a master. On the Network side, her work is clinically grounded and concise. She’s not guessing about where I am on the healing journey or where I’m going. Then there’s the-something-REALLY-special that she’s embodied and integrated into her work, which is her soul’s gift to us all. She delivers her brand of care without ego and when I’m receiving her care I feel so OK with myself, the clamoring of all my parts quiets down, and I feel that quiet in my bones. I find that my body/mind can’t be bothered to be anywhere other than where it is and it causes me to chuckle lovingly at myself when I try to do otherwise. It’s a great relief to my body and spirit to be in her care. I seriously don’t know how people make it through the week without Amanda in their lives. I couldn’t.  -Jay Uecker, Network Practitioner