Get Started

Making an appointment for your initial assessment with us is simple.  Just call us at 303-587-9437 or send us an email at and we would be happy to schedule you.

Your first visit will consist of a personalized consultation with the doctor, a computerized postural analysis, spinal-neural examination and a Network Spinal Analysis adjustment. We will then schedule a second report of findings visit with you to go over your exam findings and, if appropriate, create a care plan to support your goals.


Initial exam & report of findings visit: $100, due on the first visit

If continued care is recommended we will create a care plan to support your wellness goals on your report of findings visit.  We do not participate in insurance plans, but do welcome cash, credit card or flexible spending accounts.

Please print and fill out forms #1-5 and bring them with you to our office on your first appointment.

Network Care Forms:

1. Chiropractic comprehensive history 

2. Wellness questionnaire

3. Chiropractic NSA consent

4. SRI consent


6. Read only: Statement of Philosophy

7. Pediatric Chiropractic History

If you have questions about our services or how we could support you please also feel free to write us an email below and we will respond just as soon as we are available.