Somato Respiratory Integration


Truth be told most of us are not paying attention to our body unless it hurts, it’s hungry or we need to go to the bathroom.  As a culture we tend to live mostly inside of our heads, giving little thought to our body until something quits working how we want it too.  Most of us have never learned how to listen to our bodies.  SRI exercises teach somatic “body” awareness while connecting you to your inner rhythms of consciousness.  They help develop neural connections between the frontal lobe of the brain and different parts of the body.  Developing the ability to pay attention, and even receive wisdom from our body, is a crucial component to having lasting health and greater well being.

Somato Respiratory Integration, or SRI for short, is a series of 12 exercises that are based on ‘The 12 Stages of Healing.’  The 12 Stages of healing is a book by Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration.  These exercises match specific states of consciousness that a person experiences as they are going through a healing process. Matching the state of consciousness with the correct SRI exercise creates a congruency between what your body, mind and soul are experiencing.  When congruency happens healing occurs and greater energy becomes available in your body.  With this energy availability your body can function better, heal quicker, have more flexibility and you experience a feeling of greater alignment and presence with your body.

In this office SRI is used in conjunction with Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).  SRI can also be used as a stand alone process or in a group class setting.  Once learned, SRI exercises can be used at home as a tool to develop greater connection to yourself through your body.