Maintaining energy richness

Maintaining energy richness 

Energy states

energy statesOur energy state is pivotal to how we engage with life and how our body functions.  When we are in an energy poor state we have little capacity to do anything other than survive. We typically can’t engage fully in our daily activities, our bodies are ill and there isn’t any energy available for growth, social interactions or contribution.  We are merely trying to make it through the next moment or day.  

Energy neutral is one step beyond energy poor.  In energy neutral we have enough energy to engage in our day to day activities and be “functional” humans, but we are often tired, don’t feel like engaging with others much and have the need to disconnect or check out in order to recover.  Our bodies are not in crisis, but there may be a few things not working as well as we would like them too.  This is the zone where most humans hang out in their energy state.  

Then there is energy rich.  When we are in an energy rich state we are alive.  We actively participate in our lives, our bodies are not just maintaining status quo, but instead are getting healthier and more vital.  We can show up for ourselves and for others.  People often describe flow states as being energy rich.  This is where life seems to unfold effortlessly and in synchronicity with everything else.  

We all have probably had tastes of each of these energy states at various times in our lives.  More often than not when we are not in an energy rich state we are trying to figure out how we can get there again.  So what are the keys to maintaining energy richness?  How do we live there rather than just visit periodically?   

Choosing your state of being 

Realizing the power of choice

47912357 - businesswoman standing in front of opened doors and making decisionEnergy state is based on your level of awareness.  Let me explain.  Most of us do not realize that we are choosing our lives.  What this means is that we have thoughts, emotions and sensations that we believe are random occurrences; that these things simply happen to us.  We are not aware that we are the chooser of such things.  What is it like to stop for a moment and entertain that the sensations you feel, the emotions you experience and the thoughts that you have are not random?  Do you believe it or does some disbelief arrive?  

It is the disbelief that we are the chooser of the things that we experience and that there is seeming randomness in what occurs to us that makes it difficult for us to maintain the energy state of our choosing.  This is because we don’t realize yet that we are choosing.  So how do we realize that we are the chooser and that life is not happening to us, but instead that we are happening to life?  

It begins, as with everything, with awareness.  So what is awareness?  Awareness is the noticing of what is present without being merged with what is.  What this means is noticing your sensations, emotions and thoughts without identifying yourself with your sensations, emotions and thoughts.  For example, say you have the thought “I am stupid”  and you believe that thought to be a true reflection of who you are, you are merged with the thought instead of realizing it is simply a thought and not you.  When you are identifying with thoughts such as these the highest level of energy you will ever experience is energy neutral.  If you are identifying yourself with certain emotions you will have energy neutral to energy poor states and if you identify yourself with your sensations, such as being your pain or a physical condition, you will experience energy poor states.  

Energy rich states result when you realize that you are not your thoughts, feelings and sensations, but simply are aware of them.  When you are aware of them you can be present with them instead of merged with them.  It can seem scary to stay and be present with some sensations, feelings and thoughts.  As you do things may arise in your awareness that you have had a tendency to push down or avoid previously such as inadequacies of self, feelings of powerlessness, shame, etc., but as you stay present instead of merged with, you begin to realize that all of those things you were afraid of are just smoke and mirrors, illusions, never actually real.  As you stay present and aware more and more, you being the chooser of all of your life experiences becomes increasingly apparent.  This is ultimately how you claim, own and live energy richness.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Everything is spiritual

Everything is spiritual 

Stop polarizing 

17414714 - cartoon character of angel and devilA spiritual path often has certain defining characteristics.  Included are things like growth oriented, eating well, being kind, engaging in physical activity and have a strong sense of purpose, drive and contribution.  These are all beautiful things yet they encompass only a small range of the human experience.  

While we aspire to be as spiritual as possible on our path we sometimes forget that we are already spirit.  Our natural state is spirit (spiritual) thus it never leaves us.  There are not certain things that are spirit and certain things that are not spirit.  It all is the same, or said another way it is all one.  

Now conceptually we know and get this, especially if we consider ourselves to be on a spiritual path, yet the lived experience of this often evades us.  We frequently don’t see when we go into judgment, polarization, duality and separation.  We think we are so right and justified in our rightness (even towards ourselves) because we are on the spiritual side of things, when in truth there is no side that is not spiritual.  

What this all boils down to is our ability to embrace all of ourselves.  Those parts of us that are imperfect, messy, lazy, undisciplined, that eat sugar or drink alcohol, that are unfocused, feel directionless or that don’t know.  We must wake up to our own self-judgments and the places we push ourselves away and find peace and acceptance with those parts of us.  This is true for those judgments we have of others.  We might think “well so and so just isn’t awake enough or evolved enough yet to understand me or what they are doing”.  While there may be truth to this ask yourself if it think that in judgment (which will create a sense of distance and separation from said person) or ask yourself if you feel it in love (which will create a sense of greater connection and intimacy with said person).   

Seeing God

Tuning into the formless beyond the form

Most of us are familiar with the idea of seeing God in everything and we may even at times make this a practice of ours that we actively participate in.  Through this practice you begin to feel less separation and instead of difference between you and others you see and feel the similarities.  This is the beginning of experiencing the one oneness that is and that we all are. 

12995485 - man energy body, aura - silhouetteOne way to practice this is to tune into the formless nature of our beingness rather than the outward expression of our beingness, which is form.  This may seem confusing or challenging at first, but it really is simply a matter of where we place our focus.  We are so accustom to placing our focus on the physical material expression yet we know that we are not the physical material expression.  A way to notice this clearly is through the death process.  When a person dies the form exists still yet “they” do not exist inside that form anymore.  That “they” that they are is the formless nature of our existence.  It is what makes us come alive yet we can’t see it with our physical eyes in the way that we see form.  We can however notice and recognize it and the more that we do the more that we can “see” and experience that formlessness in each other.

So why is the formlessness so important?  The formless is that essential nature in which we are all one.  In the formless differentiation and separation do not exist.  Through recognizing and brining focus to the formless we bring our individuated consciousness back into its original state, which is the God state, or the pure state of existence.  

Ok so maybe at this point you are asking yourself, “what does this all have to do with polarizing and judgment of self and others?”  The answer is everything.  We must realize that we are all same essential substance, the same unified field, and although our external forms look, act and think differently, they are all expressing from the same one source.  We must get this in order to realize that everything is spirit, not just the things we think, judge or put in particular box labelled “spiritual”.  

Your capacity and willingness to embark on this path of seeing God through focusing on the formless and what connects us all will bring the greatest healing.  Healing occurs through dissolving disconnection and separation from self and others.  This includes parts of yourself that often express as separate parts as occurs in sickness, pain and disease.  Our bodies are a microcosm of this collective macrocosm.  As we come into greater recognition of our collective wholeness (non-separation), greater coherence, cooperation and function occur within the physical expression of our unique selves.   

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Future date syndrome

Future date syndrome 

I’ll be complete when…

timelineHow many times today have you said to yourself in some overt or subtle way “I’ll be complete (or substitute the word can relax or be ok) when I achieve/do/finish xyz?”  Many of us have what I call the “future date syndrome.”  What this means is that when you accomplish or check off your external or internal to do list then you can actual stop and enjoy your life.  This way of thinking and being effects pretty much everything in your life from your day to day presence to who and where you feel you are at on your spiritual growth path.

I want to be clear that the “to do” list is not the problem.  There will always be things to do, achieve, and finish and new ways to grow.  Instead what I am pointing to is what your relationship is to yourself within what must be done and the underlying sense of lack that pervades and destroys your ability to show up and be presence.  

Take a moment and think about something that you desire to achieve today.  Maybe its as simple as going to the grocery store and picking your daughter up from dance class.  Its on your internal/external list.  It must be done or else “shit falls apart”, right?  People don’t eat, kids don’t get what they need, etc.  Now lets say that those are the only 2 things on your list.  Seems achievable for most people, but what if there are 6 other things on your list.  Now how do you feel?  The pressure starts to build.  You start to wonder how you can do it all.  Its a lot.  You begin to perceive a lack of time (or perhaps lack of ability to get it all done) and this lack starts to run you.  You start to feel anxious, restless, frantic or what most people label as stressed.  You have now officially lost presence, which means you are not conscious anymore.  You are on automatic pilot just trying to get through it so you can be done.  This unfortunately is not living.  This is being a machine and does not lead to the well-being that most of us desire.   

Beyond stress 

Living well-being

49160020 - businessman has no money. vector flat illustrationAnother way to define the word stress is a feeling of lack.  Lack of energy, time, resources, abilities, skills, money, access, etc.  Lack appears to motivate us as humans.  When we see or feel that we don’t have enough of something (or are not enough as person) it drives us to do shit.  But lack does not need to be our primary motivation, in fact, when it is no longer our primary motivation is exactly when we begin to enjoy ourselves and our life.  

So if lack does not drive us then what does?  What would it be like to be rested in total abundance (what most would describe as heaven on earth) and do from there?  What if you never worried again that you would not be ok or things that needed to be done wouldn’t get done?  What if you could navigate your life relaxed instead of tense?  What if you learned and grew spiritually from an “I’m enough” place inside yourself instead of not enoughness?  All of this is absolutely a possible reality but it takes awareness of yourself to get there.  

Recognizing where these stress/lack/not present pattens are running in your life is the first step.  Not just the recognition that you are stressed, but the bigger recognition of how you are relating to your life and what you are believing to be true that is creating the feelings that you are feeling inside.  You must start to destabilize your belief structures so that new possibilities can enter your awareness.  Sometimes we are very attached our lack beliefs and we will defend them to no end.  We will refuse to see that anything could be any other way.  We believe so strongly that it must be done the way it is and that we must continue to engage in the ways we engage and there are no other options.  Realize this as a part of you that is scared and doesn’t yet know another way and its ok.  Even just your capacity to see it as a part of you and not as all of you will begin to open your awareness to new possibilities.   

When you realize that you have already arrived and you stop waiting for yourself to arrive based on how much you have accomplished in a day or where you are on your life path presence prevails.  Presence is synonymous with abundance.  When you do life in presence, abundance and excitement is now motiving you instead of lack.  This is something that is hard to describe purely with words and must be experienced to be “gotten” and understood.  Start today by noticing when you start to feel stressed, pause and take a moment, notice what you are believing that is creating the stress for you.  Just this simple act will begin to bring you into more and more presence so that instead of future day syndrome you can live present day.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Creating impact

Creating impact 

Influencing through the power of presence

impactMost of us have a desire to create an impact and positively influence others and the world.  I have found that it is an innate drive that wakes up in people as they move along their journey to greater wholeness and connection.  Sometimes we can feel stuck in knowing how to create impact and influence others.  Perhaps we feel we don’t know what or how to do something so we attempt to do more stuff and find ourselves caught in a whirl wind of energy that is directionless and draining.  Others may not know their power or be fearful of it so they back off, stay small and confine themselves to what they know which often feels stagnate, sleepy and mundane.

No matter what our reaction is the root cause of our feeling of not being able to impact or influence is the same.  That root cause is the feeling and belief that we are separate from that which we are trying to impact or influence.  Whenever you see yourself as separate from that which you are influencing you will have to “do” something in order to impact it.  Let’s call this compulsion to do something “the Doer”.  When you are the Doer there is always some kind of force or effort involved in the act of doing.  There is energy expenditure if you will.  Your energy must do something to someone else’s energy in order to impact them.  While this is one method of creating impact it is not a very powerful one.  It takes a lot of time, energy and work for relatively little impact or payoff.  

So how to do you resolve the paradox of having a separate body (and appearing seemingly separate from others) yet not being a separate being?  It begins with the power of presence.  Many times when we are attempting to create impact we are thinking about how to do it.  When we are thinking we are not present.  We are in our heads thinking instead of being in the alive moment that is.  When we are present we simply know what to do and how to do it, we don’t need to think about it first.  Presence is the first step into realizing your non-separate nature.   

Sourcing from something beyond ourselves

Dissolving self into Self

Most of us are identified with what could be called a small self or ordinary self.  This ordinary self is our personality self and most of us think this is who and what we are.  When we think and believe that we are our personality self we will always feel some limitation and separation.  

There is also a larger Self if you will.  Some people call this higher Self, big Self, source, light, one, God, etc.  This Self is also you and actually a more accurate description of you.  Most of us are not identified with this as ourself but instead as an outside force, entity, presence or being.  We see ourselves as separate from this and not as it.  This is why we  experience duality, polarity, opposites and difference.  

39991951 - starry skyFor a moment use your imagination and see this source and see yourself as part of that source.  Not separate from it, but as a wave or unique energetic signature or uprising within this source field.  You can think about it as seeing the limitless sky and you as a star or point of light within the sky.  You are both the totality of the limitless nature (sky) and this unique expression of that limitless nature (star).  Now go a step beyond seeing it in your mind and feel it with your body.  Now stretch again and experience it beyond your body but inclusive of it.  You are begin to dissolve your smaller personality self into the larger Self that you are.  

As you rest as your larger Self (inclusive of your smaller self) you step into the moment and begin to experience it rather than think about it.  It is like you drop into right now, there is nothing else and you are source itself.  No intermediary is needed between your higher Self and your ordinary self.  You simply are.  It the experience of I AM.  Not I am this or that.  I simply AM.  As I AM you are fully connected because you are source itself. 

From here you are simply impacting and influencing yourself and because it is you you know exactly what to do and how to do it.  No thought required.  Another added bonus of presence is that it is love-bliss filled.  When you are present there is a joy beyond description that you become.  The power of love truly comes into play here.  Instead of using your thoughts/mind to impact you are using your heart which is the one heart.  There is not a depletion of energy such as you are giving your energy to something with less energy, but instead a sharing of energy from one part of yourself to another part of yourself.  In this way it is energizing and playful to create impact and positively influence.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Slowing down

Slowing down 

Gaining awareness of self

slowing downWe live in a fast paced world and even more than that our minds are going at a million miles a minute.  Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  Among spiritually focused people there is often a desire to gain greater awareness of self and most think that the more they think about something the clearer they will understand and get themselves.  

We may not even be aware of how much we are thinking about stuff.  In fact when people say that they need to “integrate” something they’ve learned typically they mean that they need to think about it more.  Integration however is not thinking more about what we already know, but instead living what we’ve learned.  

The first step in slowing down is detaching from your thoughts.  As you do this you may realize just how addicted to thinking you are.  Going from one thought to the next thought without space or silence leaves no room for new awareness.  What it does is perpetuates what you already know and regurgitates it over and over.  It may feel to your mind that you are “getting somewhere”, but in the end you are left with that unresolved, unclear feeling that you can’t quite put it all together or see what’s really going on.  

Contradictory to what our minds will want to habitually do we must learn to slow down and even stop our minds frequently throughout our day in order to gain greater awareness of ourselves, our patterns, our triggers, etc.  Without that it will be challenging for us to see ourselves and thus to create changes that we desire.    

Increasing our capacity to feel 

The pace of the emotional body

feelingIn addition to creating the space for greater awareness, slowing down will also allow us to feel more than think.  Many people have a desire to be more intuitive or in touch with the natural rhythms of life.  The emotional-feeling body has a much slower pace than the mental body (mind/thoughts), and the physical body an even slower pace.  In order to bridge the gap between our mind and our body (aka our lived experience) we need to slow down and begin to feel again.  

Often times we don’t even know what we are actually feeling because we are so consumed with our thoughts.  We may even be thinking our feelings.  By this I mean creating stories around our feelings and about what they mean.  We may convince ourselves that this is feeling, but really we are just looping the same story over and over.  We might even cry or feel rage or upset, however if it feels “familiar” and not deeply vulnerable its most likely a reaction to a story you are telling yourself and not authentic feeling.  

Being consumed with thoughts puts us out of touch with what is real and into a kind of self created fantasy world.   For some it is a pleasant fantasy world but not grounded here, and for others it is a painful fantasy world that they can’t seem to escape.  

When we hang out in our thoughts things and people seem like separate objects to us.  We lose the sense of the interconnectedness of everything.  The mind is great at thinking, it’s a master of thinking, but it cannot feel or know.  Those abilities come from different aspects of ourselves, namely our emotions and our soul body.  These bodies are often less familiar to us because we spend so much time thinking.  That however does not make them any less real or valid.

The number one key to gaining greater awareness of self, feeling, becoming more in tune with life and living interconnectedness is slowing down your mind.  Allowing space.  Detaching from the addictive tendency to think another thought that you think will somehow give you a magical solution or answer to something.  Magical living arising spontaneously when something beyond the mind is allowed to enter your awareness.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Being an empty vessel

Being an empty vessel 

Neurological bombardment

bombardedAll day long we are bombarded with things, people, thoughts, feelings and sensations.  Our nervous system is pretty much always taking in information and almost never throughout our day are we completely quiet or empty of these things.

For most people quiet or empty is scary.  It triggers our wounds of not doing enough, contributing enough or being enough and also feelings of being alone and separate.  Simultaneously, on a deeper level many people crave inner stillness and emptiness yet can’t seem to experience it because they are so entrenched in these patterns of production and doing.

In our culture production and achievement is honored, while quiet stillness is seen as lazy or unproductive.  The thing about production and achievement is that it keeps us continually out of the present moment and always into the future of what we are creating and doing.  It sets up the conditions of getting our “to do list” done and that equalling a productive day.  Rather than movement, action and productivity being inspired from inner stillness, it is an effortful process that is directed by our minds.

Now I’m not suggesting to stop all doing and action, but instead to value the quiet as much as the noise.  Since we are predominantly noise driven in our culture (whether externally or from our own minds) we have not learned how to rest in stillness and therefore can never really hear much beyond our own mental thoughts about things.  This limits us to one perspective, which is our own.  Our perspective is only one piece of the whole and therefore provides a limited amount of insight and wisdom.

Being of ultimate service 

Neurological freedom

58762013 - silhouette of woman meditating with energy beams surrounding himOne of our fears about stopping inner or outer activity is that we will not be in as great of service to others.  When we begin to value inner stillness it may require us at time to say no to things or not help people when perhaps we think we should be.  So we do and we do, and our doing fills a need, a need in us to feel significant through helping others or being productive, yet we also ignore the part of ourselves that actually feels a stronger no than yes at times.

It is not until we can become innerly still that we can really be of service.  When we empty out ourselves of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and things we become present.  In presence all information that is needed is readily available.  Learning to rest in inner emptiness teaches us to be present.  Presence is the most powerful and energizing state that there is.

Being an empty vessel is of being in ultimate service.  Though it may seem that then you have nothing to give or contribute in this state, the opposite is true.  You now have everything to give and contribute.  You are dynamic and alive and also rested in presence.  You have emptied yourself of yourself, of a you, of a being that has needs, wants, desires and preferences, at least temporarily.  In a way you transcend your ego, which is your small, personal self in order to be of even greater service.  A service of which is yet unknown to you and to be revealed.  Surrendering the need to know and being ok in the mystery are necessary.  Things are revealed to you exactly when and how you need to know them when you are in a state of presence.

The clearer your nervous system is, the easier it is to be an empty vessel.   When you experience level 2C of Network care it is called a “clear out.” What that means is that your nervous system temporarily suspends all anchors to you as a sense of self (person) through your spine.  Momentarily you experience a state beyond who you believe yourself to be.  This is a pattern interruption and provides the opportunity to experience yourself differently (beyond yourself).  It requires surrender and the result is inner stillness, emptiness.   When you enter and progress through level 3 of Network care you realize that the emptiness is filled with light and the light is who you actually are.  Hearing the unheard and seeing the unseen become your reality.  I call this neurological freedom and find it is essential for being more empty of self so you can know even more of who/what you truly are and be in ultimate service to all.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

Conscious resting

Conscious resting 

The need to check out 

man sleeping at deskStress and overwhelm seem to be the norm of everyday life.  We go, go, go until something stops us.  Sometimes what stops us is pain (physical or emotional), sometimes its sickness, and clearly death will bring us to a complete stop.  These “stops” are typically not chosen.  Instead they are “given” to us by life, to slow us down, so that ultimately we can wake up and become more conscious to greater degrees.

When life forces us to stop in these ways it’s usually an unpleasant experience for us.  We don’t want to stop, even though on some level we know we need too.  Sometimes we don’t want to stop because we are thoroughly enjoying life, but are not participating with it in ways where we are fully awake and conscious.  At other times we don’t want to stop because we are afraid that if we do everything will fall apart.  The later is more common.

Whether these “stops” are forced from being so overwhelmed and overstretched, or self-chosen stops, such as sleep or vegging out on the couch watching TV, rest of some kind is inevitable.  This is what I call unconscious resting.  Your system or body have been on overdrive, or checked out on automatic pilot mode, for such a long stretch of time that when you stop you simply crash and check out.  This is often needed to allow the body to recover.  Most people get caught in a cycle of stress, stop and recover, stress, stop and recover.   When feeling rested they go back to doing their life in the exact same ways and never actually become more conscious and aware through the process.

Rested and conscious 

Inner silence

conscious restingHow do you engage with life being both rested and conscious?  Being consciously rested is totally different from unconscious resting.  Unconscious resting is what we do to decompress or unwind from the activity or stress of our day or life.  However you can learn how to consciously sleep, work, watch TV,  and do anything including even die consciously.  One of the key questions to ask yourself when resting is are you decompressing, “taking a break” from stressful thoughts or feelings, or are you becoming more present and aware?

Being still, not doing, and not thinking are radical notions for most people.  Even if you aren’t actively engaged in doing stuff you most likely never stop thinking for more than a few seconds at time.  This is still considered activity and creates stress.  Silence, particularly inner silence, is a foreign experience for most.  Its something that seems to be reserved for monks, meditators or spiritual teachers and seekers.

The thing about conscious resting however is that it doesn’t mean that you need to be totally still sitting on a meditation cushion (though this may help to learn the skill of quieting your mind).  Instead it means that you are in an internal state of rest, ease and relaxation and also simultaneously participating in your life.  When you start to embody this state you realize that activity does not have to equal overwhelm, disconnect, tiredness and stress.  You begin to experience that you don’t need a break or a vacation in order to relax from your life.  Instead the real goal is learning to rest and be present in every moment of your every day life so that you are never taking a “break” from anything.

In conscious resting you are fully present and engaging in such a way that it becomes energizing for you, not depleting.  Next time you find yourself tired or exhausted notice where you went into simply doing to get things done and ask yourself how you could be more aware and present.  Notice what thoughts, sensations or emotions seem to interfere with you being present.  The more you do this the more you will learn how to rest consciously and never need a break from your life again.

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado