“Amanda is a tour de force in the way she utilizes open pathways in the spine to ignite the body’s deep response into healing, reorganization back to wellness, and higher states of embodied love. She is a master in her precision of touch and activating the body into remembering it’s natural state of well being. She is an expression of love and creates an entrainment environment where her clients can expand together on the tables. Viewing the body in it’s wholeness, rather than trying to “fix” something, she works with the body’s life force to stimulate higher levels of living, loving and being. And she is a walking example of the work she offers to others, which in my opinion is the only kind of practitioner I want touching me.”  Mandy Greenlee, Luminous Awareness Practitioner

“I really loved working with Dr. Amanda–she helped me tremendously in making mind-body connections and did so in such a …gentle, empathetic, unforced way. She’s a great guide–you definitely have to do your own work, but she makes sure you’re moving in a healthy direction. Boulder is lucky to have her!” Kat Livengood, Artist

“My work with Dr. Amanda Hessel launched me into a new inner stratosphere. Her mastery of Network Chiropractic and Somato Respiratory Integration guided me from a place of doubt and fear to a fierce place inside of me where my own empowerment was hanging out, waiting for the circumstances it needed to emerge. After eighteen months of working with her, suddenly there was no holding me back; I stepped into the life I knew I was born to live, becoming fully actualized in my work and my relationships. I learned to dialogue with my defense mechanisms rather than submit to them. In that learning, my life changed. I am so grateful for the work and wisdom I have received from Dr. Hessel. I have a brand new relationship with my body & a cherished new understanding of what it means to be whole.” Kristy Sweetland, Transformational Life Coach

“Amanda is a skilled practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis. Her precise, gentle touch helped me dissolve the old neuro-muscular responses to stress that had pulled my spine out of alignment. Moreover, she emanates a warm, loving energy of unusual purity.  Simply being in her presence is healing.” Susan Washburn

“If you are looking for support in being and feeling your best, look no further!  Dr. Amanda is extremely gifted in designing individualized plans.  Undoubtable you will leave getting more than your bargained for.  Both your nervous system and heart will thank you.  The coaching, care and support you receive at Chiropractic Alchemy is absolutely unparalleled.” Jenifer Mills, Director of Operations

“After visiting Dr. Hessel’s office for my first session I immediately found my longstanding lower back pain beginning to alleviate. Many sessions later my posture was correcting and my body is feeling more like I want it too. I was unable to stand for long periods of time without feeling pain and am able to do so again thanks to her skill in NSA treatments. I feel remarkably better after every session and look forward to each visit. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Hessel’s work and extraordinary personal energy!” Anne Davis

“Dr. Amanda Hessel, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to your amazing healing practice of Network Chiropractic. In my short 15 minutes demo, you changed me profoundly! You literally brought ease into my body. I could breathe fully for the first time in years. The chronic tension and discomfort I feel in my neck, gone! And most shockingly, my body felt a sense of ease and relaxation I had never experienced before. For the first time in my life, I was really IN my body. Feeling at peace. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Michelle Garcia, Pilates Instructor

“I feel gratitude for Network Chiropractic work and for Amanda and her terrific coaching. I had been working with Dr. Amanda for over a year, when I was in a car accident in Atlanta. I sustained such a degree of whiplash, for the first time in my life, such that I had to stay in the hotel room for hours trying to relieve the pain. I texted Amanda that night and with her coaching, and the experience we had previously shared in this practice. I was able to fully experience the fear, grief, and pain in my body. I was able to feel releases in my neck and back during the coaching. Within two days, the pain was reduced significantly. Today, nearly five months later, I am pain free and paradoxically, even more able to embrace the “ups and downs” and life more fully and graciously. Thank you, Dr. Amanda, for the generosity of your heart and hands!” Cynthia Koenig, Occupational Therapist

“I feel more at home in my body and more peaceful.  I love this work!  It’s helping me feel more whole, stronger, and confident!”  Robyn Waniger

“I have been a patient of Dr. Amanda’s for approximately one year now.  What I first met Dr. Amanda I must admit that I did hold some skepticism and judgment on her methods.  What impressed my most in the first interaction with Amanda is she was transparent and more than willing to hear out my opinions and judgment, she did not try to convince me otherwise and encouraged me to speak my truth.  As my entrainments with Dr. Amanda continued, I noticed that I was feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Lasting effects from previous injuries from my military career and a severe traffic collision have lessened and my quality of life has improved exponentially as my body has been able to heal through entrainment.  I rarely need to medicate with over the medications and take no prescription medication.  Even the headaches I used to suffer from are few and far between.  It was difficult for me to make the decision to seek treatment with Dr. Amanda and now I could not imagine my life with her and her services.”  Zach Johnson, Police Officer

“I began Network care with Amanda in June of 2013. When I started I was severely depressed, anxious about my life and in pain every moment of every day. I learned about the different stages people move through in life. Amanda taught me how to use breathing techniques to move energy thru my body, recognize and accept the stage of life I am in, and how to move into new stages of my journey. I became aware of my body/mind and learned how to listen to my body and what it was saying to me. Most importantly, I learned how to be present with what I was feeling and allow my body/mind to feel what it was going through without trying to stop it or change it. This was important for me because I suffered from anxiety and depression for so long that I was really stuck in that stage and was unable to move past it which caused my body/mind pain every day. I suppressed so many uncomfortable feelings and emotions, but by allowing myself to feel and remember these emotions I was able to move into healthier stages of life resulting in less physical and emotional pain. I learned how to love and forgive myself and others, to not be stuck in the pain of my past, and to be present in the moments of my life each day. By listening to my body/mind I was able to transform my life; to let go of my past and to not be anxious about my future. Amanda changed my life forever; she is so full of love that it radiates from her and I am so thankful to her for helping me change my life I ways I thought were impossible.” Angela Steele, Hairdresser

“Before I learned about NSA I had frequent episodes with lower back pain and anxiety.  Dr. Hessel very gently, yet quite effectively, assisted me in overcoming these challenging symptoms through NSA.  I have tried and practiced many things through the years in the quest for relief.  I have never experienced such immediate and lasting results as I have with Dr. Hessel’s NSA entrainments.  It feels like my spine and nervous system have been reset so I can truly enjoy life.  Thank you Dr. Hessel!” Julie Franklin

“I want to express my gratitude for all that Dr. Amanda Hessel has done for me, and for the gentle touch of her healing hands.  I was under her care for about 10 months in Santa Fe, NM.  I came to her with recurring back problems, and a lifetime of tension stored in my body.  Her gentle healing touch in Network Spinal Analysis and her guidance during to Somatic Respiratory Integration were transforming.  During that time I was under her care I did not have a single back spasm or other problem with my back.  Thank you so much Amanda for your gentle guidance and care.” Ken King

“I was drawn to work with Amanda because her compassion and authenticity was immediately apparent when I met her at a conscious business networking event. She is knowledgeable across a range of disciplines and has a gift when it comes to integrating mind and body, helping her clients to access their own self-healing powers. Amanda walks the talk and lives her values (unlike too many coaches and wellness professionals), and that kind of integrity means a lot to me. I’ve worked through some deep issues with Amanda over the past couple of years, releasing physical and emotional pain that I’ve held in my body – it’s amazing to feel your spine re-align itself without anyone physically adjusting it! Thanks Amanda, you make a positive impact on everyone whose life you touch.” Lorrin Maughan, Life Coach

“Amanda has helped me come home to me.  I now find so much more comfort in my body, ease in my mind, acceptance of my emotions and patience with my life’s journey.  Working with Amanda is truly well-rounded, deep and expansive!”  Jennah Synnestvedt, Spiritual Branding Specialist

“Amanda is a caring and talented energy worker. Both my husband and I have enjoyed her treatments and the growth we have enjoyed together that she has facilitated over the last year. We began with her because I had a back problem which was resolved early on, but we continued for the uplifting nature of her treatments as well as the subtle physical adjustments we both enjoyed. The techniques she uses are very gentle and they involve learning to appreciate our own bodies and the wisdom of them as well as realizing the way we ignore that wisdom because we don’t know how to honor and access what they have to say to us. My husband and I made 5 hour trips every week for her sessions and we are sorry to have to discontinue them because of her move to Co. We will miss her.” Ramona & David B.

“Before working with Amanda, despite a lot of self-care and spiritual healing, my nervous system was still very hypervigilant, it was hard to relax, and I was experiencing a myriad of health challenges.  While working with Amanda, she helped me see and be with my system in a new way that reduced defense patterning and increased my access to universal resource and my own personal power.  She has also helped my shift my relationship from “pain” or “problems” into using these things to discover the great wisdom and intelligence in these arisings.  Amanda has deeply supported the transformation energy that has been necessary to reclaim my health, move into a vocation that feels deeply aligned, and overall have a greater life satisfaction.  I now feel more joy, more presence, more confidence and a deeper oneness with life.  I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants deepen their awakening and move through life with more love, connection and purpose.  Brittany Orowitz, Medical Intuitive

“Dr. Amanda Hessel has been giving me weekly treatments for about 3 months. Through her treatments I have learned to connect with my body and pay attention when it’s hurting. When sitting at my desk or in situations that cause me to be uncomfortable I tend to raise my shoulders up around my ears and tense up.  I didn’t know I did this until the pain became so intense across my neck and shoulders I couldn’t relax.  I also had a lot of pain in my lower back. Sometimes I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down for long before the pain would cause me to move again. Through Amanda’s entrainment techniques and with her intuitive understanding about pain she was able to help my body align itself, help me to become aware of the ways I was holding my body to cause it to hurt and relax, and to be connected more deeply with my body so that I could allow the emotional pain to surface where we could bring healing there as well . I can move so much more easily now. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone. The supplements she recommended for me are spot on and my body is responding with gratitude!” Linda Brown

“My biggest take away from my work with Amanda has been realizing my limitless potential.  I have struggled with taking up to much space and needing to remain small and silent.  Through this work I have realized that I can bust out of that box, find my voice and create what lights me up.  The most amazing part is that this is just the beginning.  Thank you Amanda for being a beacon of light so I can find a way home.”  Holly Hooker, Nurse

“I can’t recommend Dr. Amanda Hessel highly enough.  Here particular practice of Network Chiropractic care has been so transformational for me.  It was crucial to the healing of my trauma and old stories because it repeatedly introduced my to the feeling of a calm, regulated nervous system.  Over time, her actually taught me how to achieve that for myself.  After 3 years of working with her, I’ve totally transformed my relationship with life and with myself.  I have more trust in life and more capacity to act in alignment with my true nature.  I experience more abundance, steadiness and joy than I have in years.  I’d recommend her work to anyone trying to heal from old patterns and wanting to experience more love, openness and life.” Diane Whiddon, Business Strategist

“I’ve had amazing results with Amanda!!! I’ve been working with her for over 2 years and my husband now sees her as well.  My chronic hip and back pain are gone.  My massage therapist was ASTONISHED by how much more movement/range of motion I had.  I have really been able to work with her to identify and work through patterns that kept me in fight or flight , which kept my nervous system constantly “on” and other parts of my system shut down.  It has been revolutionary for me physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I am a different person since starting care with Amanda.”  Andie Holloway, Whole food/plant based Educator & Consultant

“I’ve been working with Amanda for over a year learning about the twelve stages of healing and the complex relationship between mind, body and emotions.  She’s helped me understand that the health and wellbeing of my physical and emotional bodies are directly connected to the coherence of my nervous system.  She’s been instrumental in teaching and helping me develop skills to sit with and process difficult feelings and emotions as opposed to avoiding them.  The only way out is through and Amanda is a true spiritual alchemist with unique skills that enable people to transform their lives and heal themselves.”  Stephen Solga, Technology

“Chiropractic Alchemy is fantastic in every way.  Working with Dr. Amanda Hessel has significantly improved my life over the past year.  I can’t recommend her enough.  She is incredibly experienced, skilled, compassionate and personally.  Thank you Amanda!  Please do not hesitate to visit Amanda.  You will be amazed. ”  Elizabeth Scully, COO at Mr. Steak

“In working with Dr. Amanda I’ve learned how to love my body, mind and heart equally, and how to view pain away from a negative light.  As a past sufferer of scoliosis, Amanda’s practice has improved the way that I feel immensely.  Without a doubt changed my life for the better.”  Emily Maglia, Nanny

“I love Dr. Amanda and her work.  She is present, attentive and brings some serious magic into her work, being very well-versed in the language of the body.  If you’re in the journey of aligning with your true Self, this is the place.  Highly recommend”. Kinan Whyte, Astrologer 

“I was drawn to to seek out Network Spinal Analysis over three years ago, as I struggled with debilitating chronic illness and was desperate for help.  I found Dr. Amanda, and, although I was entirely unfamiliar with what was happening at the time, I trusted the process, and stuck with it.  Oh boy, am I glad that I did.  Dr Amanda earned my trust as a practitioner with her confident, steady and precise technique, and over time, I began to experience true, deep, and lasting healing.  Her practice has been integral in my healing journey, and I have experienced transformative results with NSA.  No longer bedridden and miserable, I am now able to extend my own helping hand to others who are in the same spot that I was three years ago.  Although I was not expecting anything other than physical results, I was pleasantly surprised to see profound mental and emotional healing as well.  If you know that spinal care is important to your health, do yourself a favor and stop in at Amanda’s.  You will be so glad that you did!” Allison Baker

IMG_5982“Simply the best. I’ve been going to Amanda’s office for 2.5 years now, and I simply won’t work with another network doc. She’s incredibly patient and empathic to her clients needs, and can even anticipate and support needs before the client knows of them. 10/10. I’ll be coming to her office for life. She’s the reason I came back to Boulder after leaving for a year. When working with her life just simply gets easier and smoother. Zero back pain, and all areas of my life have leveled up. You have to come in and experience working with her.” Matthew Cooke, CEO Body Based Breakthrough