Network Spinal

IMG_7503Network Spinal Analysis is a subtle energetic, light touch form of chiropractic care that is designed to help enhance your expression of wholeness.  The technique works by reducing “neurological defense” and decreasing tension on your spinal cord.  When tension is reduced, inner communication is enhanced.  It also supports the experience of physiological safety, which results in a feeling of presence, openness and rested-ness in self.  When our nervous system is available, rather than tight, tense and restricted, we are in greater communication with ourselves and our body.  With this enhanced communication everything works better.  While this type of chiropractic care is not intended to cure any symptom or illness,  people often report improvements in physical pains and changes in sensation patterns.  People also experience greater self-awareness, which creates the opportunity for sustainable shifts to occur in the way that we experience our life and well-being.

What interferes with your expression of wholeness?

Most people are familiar with the perception and experience of stress. The root of stress is resistance.  When we don’t have the capacity to be with the experiences of life we develop strategies to protect ourselves from pain or from fully experiencing our experience.  Those strategies are known as fight/flight/freeze responses.  As an effect of these responses there are very specific ways that our spinal cord tenses or tightens up.  Many times people are not aware of the tension in their spinal cord, however often they are aware of tension in their muscles, or other various aches or pains in their body.   Some people might also feel exhaustion, inability to turn their mind off, difficulties with digestion, problems sleeping and the list goes on.  When we don’t have the inner resourcefulness to be with the range of our experience we find ourselves in a state of what is called “stress physiology.” Though this is an internal state it can be seen on the outside. Your body posture is one way to see it. The head coming forward of the body, the shoulders rolled forward to protect the chest or heart area, the curves of the spine flattened or accentuated, and tight and ropey muscles are all indications of stress physiology.  This state of being interferes with the full expression of our wholeness and the experience of well-being.

Network Spinal Analyis (NSA)

NSA is subtle energetic light touch chiropractic technique that helps you move from stress physiology into a state of openness and receptivity where you can heal, grow and learn new ways of being.

NSA care has 3 Levels of Care:

Level 1: Discover care/Healing.  In this level of care you start the self-discovery process of seeing how you’ve learned to protect, move away from, or shut down in order to avoid pain.  With this awareness you learn how to move towards discomfort, and as you do tension is released.  When tension in the muscles, spine, and other parts of your body is released it allows for respiration to move through your spine in fluid wave like motion.  This is an indication of moving from a state of neurological protection into physiological safety.  As you learn to be more present with discomfort, the paradox is that you often feel less pain and lighter, fuller breath.  People also report improved sleep, better digestion, less anxiety, flexibility, and more presence in their day to day life.  The primary goal in this level of care is the feeling of ease and safety.

Level 2: Transform care/Growth.  Now that you feel more ease and less fight/flight/freeze responses you can begin the learning process.  During level 2 of care you learn how to take previously stored tension and use it as fuel to create more efficient patterns and pathways in your nervous system.  This is how you transform your habitual and automatic responses.  You also begin to move forward into new levels of self expression, creativity, and self-empowerment.  People notice emotional resilience, mental clarity and direction, confidence in self, upright posture and higher levels of energy in this level of care.  An energetic wave emerges in this level of care that runs up and down the spine and helps to destabilize outdated patterns in your nervous system that are inefficient.  The goal of this level is the recognition of your inner power to impact your well-being and life.

Level 3: Awaken care/Heart-centered.  Once you’ve developed the patterns and pathways in level 2 you now begin to access and use the energy of your heart to inform the neural patterning of your thoughts, emotions and your body.  When you no longer perceive the need to protect yourself or avoid certain elements of life, you open into the field of love or bliss.  Inside of this you become more aware of your subtle nature, respond less with linear thinking and more with your heart guiding you.  You also become “we” focused, service oriented and participate with life in a more inter-connective way.  There is no plateau to this level of care.  You and your nervous system can continue to learn new strategies throughout your life time that move you into greater awareness, growth and expansion.

NSA care can help people who want:

        • More ease, flexibility & alignment in their body and life
        • Want to shift their relationship with stress
        • More adaptability & presence
        • Feel more empowered & rested in themselves
        • Develop greater inner resourcefulness
        • Experience themselves on increasingly subtler levels

Video Demonstrations of the Levels of Care:

Awaken Care Entrainment. In this video you see a demonstration of the Awaken level of care. You will hear Dr. Amanda Love making different tones, sounds and frequencies that support the unwinding of tension and opening into the heart field.
Transform Care entrainment. In this video you see a demonstration of late Transform level of care. You will see Dr. Amanda Love working in the fields around the physical body. As we unwind tension we develop more access to our subtler bodies.
Discover-Transform-Awaken entrainment. In this video you will see elements of all the levels of Network care.