Network Spinal Analysis: Light Touch Chiropractic

Network Spinal Analysis is a light touch form of chiropractic care that is designed to help enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.  The technique works by decreasing tension on your spinal cord thus enhancing the communication and integrity of your Nervous System.  Your nervous system is compromised of your brain, spinal cord and all of the nerves that exit from the spinal cord.  Nerves connect to organs, glands, muscles, cells and everything in your body!  Your Nervous system is the grand coordinator, regulator, controller and communicator of everything that occurs inside of you.  When your nervous system is healthy and communicating your body can heal.  This type of chiropractic care is not intended to cure any symptom or illness, however people often report improvements in physical pains such as headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, digestive upset, skin problems, sleep, blood pressure, anxiety and depression to name a few.

Your nervous system is also the conduit of consciousness.  If you didn’t have a brain and spinal cord you would not be conscious, or aware, of yourself or your environment.  Your nervous system is what allows you to interact with your world, internal and external.  Through enhancing the communication and function of your nervous system you can experience greater health, well being and function of your body, along with greater awareness and the ability to embody more energy rich states of being.  This means that through supporting your nervous system’ s health you not only improve your physical health, you also grow, expand and interact with yourself and your world in new ways that are more efficient and satisfying.

What interferes with Your body’s natural ability to heal?

Stress is an experience that many of us know. Whether it is a physical stress, chemical stress or a mental-emotional stress, we are all familiar with how we feel when life feels like too much. We get overwhelmed and begin to notice our neck or shoulders are tight or we experience pain in some part of our body. Some people feel stress as exhaustion, the inability to turn their mind off, difficulties with digestion, fertility challenges, problems sleeping and the list goes on. Too much stress, along with the inability to adapt, results in a state of what is called “Stress Physiology.” In this state you lack the inner resources to be able to heal yourself.

Stress physiology is epidemic in our culture.  Though this is an internal state it can be seen on the outside. Your body posture is one way to see it. The head coming forward of the body,  the shoulders rolled forward to protect the chest or heart area, the curves of the spine flattened or accentuated, and tight and ropey muscles are all indications of stress physiology.

Network Spinal Analyis (NSA)

NSA is very gentle, light touch chiropractic technique that helps bring your body from that state of stress physiology into a state of openness and receptivity where it can heal, grow and learn new things. We call these “new things” neural strategies or pathways in your body’s Nervous System.  These pathways allow for enhanced communication, and thus function in your body.

NSA care has 3 Levels of Care:

Level 1: Discover care/Recovery.  In this level of care your body learns how to dissipate tension in the muscles and structure of your spine, allowing full respiration to come into your body.  With full respiration your body begins to heal and regulate itself.  Your body also learns how to work with stress in more effective ways and moves from a state of fight/flight (protection) into physiological safety.   In this level of care you will notice less pain, changes in your posture and easier breathing.  People also report improved sleep, better digestion, less anxiety, flexibility, and more presence in their day to day life.  The primary goal in this level of care is creating ease and safety in the your body.

Level 2: Transform care/Growth.  Now that your body now has decreased its fight/flight response we can start teaching your nervous system new things.  During level 2 of care your body learns how to take tensions and stressors and use them as fuel to create more efficient patterns and pathways in your body.  This is how you transform your nervous system and its (or your) habitual responses.  New patterns and pathways are created that help you respond to life situations with more ease instead of reacting out of defense or need of safety.  You also begin to move forward into new levels of self expression, creativity, and self-empowerment.  People notice emotional resilience, mental clarity and direction, confidence and certainty in your self, upright posture and higher levels of energy in this level of care.  The primary goal in level 2 is to destabilize old patterns in your spine and nervous system that are inefficient so that your body can learn new patterns that work better for you.

Level 3: Awaken care/Heart-centered.  We call this level of care advanced wellness care.  Once your body has learned level 2 strategies you move into using the energy of your heart to inform the neural patterning of your thoughts, emotions and your body.  You become more aware of your subtle nature, begin to respond less with linear thinking and more with your heart guiding you.  You also become more “we” focused and participate with life in a more rhythmic, connective way.  There is no plateau to this level of care.  Your nervous system can continue to learn new strategies throughout your life time that move you into greater awareness, growth and expansion.

NSA care can help people who want:

        • More ease and flexibility in their body and life
        • Want to work with stress better in their body-mind
        • Have more adaptability & presence
        • See how some of their patterns in life contribute to stress in their body
        • Become more empowered in their health
        • Take responsibility for their own life situations and develop inner resourcefulness
        • Want a way to go deeper in their personal growth through connecting to their body
        • Expand into new versions of themselves!