End the cycle of waiting

No matter how impossible something may have seemed, the moment you decide that it’s going to happen it does. The lag time between thinking about something or wanting something and it’s actual occurrence is simply due to your indecision. When you are in the  phase of still deciding your frequencies are mixed and not directionally intentional, so what manifests is a reflection of that not fully aligned frequency. 

Now there is a distinction between insisting on what something will look like and the knowingness that something is possible. The knowingness that something is possible comes with a readiness of its timing to emerge. The form or expression of that knowingness is irrelevant. So often we confuse or replace our desire for something in particular to be in our experience for our knowingness that its possible. This is what I would call effortful or “trying” manifestation. We attempt at all cost to make something specific appear through strategy rather than through already having decided that it’s there or happening.  When we aren’t ready yet we try.  When we are ready we decide and therefore know. 

Our knowing does not come prior to our decision to know. The mind always thinks that it is the reverse of this, that the knowing will come before our deciding, so we wait for something to appear to us to tell us that we know,  so that we “can” know, so we have proof to validate or back up our knowing, because ultimately what it boils down to is that we don’t trust ourselves. The number one way that we postpone our decision to know is through the waiting for something outside of us  (in the reflected manifest world that is simply a reflection of our own consciousness) to tell us that we know.  In spiritual circles we call this “waiting for a sign” rather than realizing that we are the sign we are looking for.  Ultimately we are simply waiting for ourselves to decide. If something appears and we decide to use that appearance as a permission slip, as a “sign” to decide than so be it, but do realize that either way it’s simply by your deciding that allows your manifest physical reality to appear as it does.  


Realizing yourself as the chooser

Why do we insist on waiting for something to tell us that we know? We wait because we don’t realize ourselves as the choice maker, we don’t realize the power that we are. Most people feel fairly disempowered most all of time. Even if they’ve been able to become successful through strategy, or learning a thing and mastering it, they may still be very disconnected from their actual selves and therefore their source of true power and confidence. 

To know yourself is to know your power. The two are inseparable. To recognize yourself as the decider, as the chooser, opens up an awareness of self-responsibility to your creation or what you perceive to be your external reality.  Though many people say that they want to be empowered most truly do not, because it means that what they see is up to them and them alone. It’s “easier” to blame others, blame situations or blame the world for what we see, to take no responsibility in the seeing of what we see, to blindly accept other people’s views, adopt them as our own (even when they don’t feel good or make sense) then it is to decide for ourselves and to potentially go against the grain of the collective. 

Due to our perceived difficulty of being different or not in agreement with others we disown our power. We turn our back on our own selves and instead unconsciously (or sometimes consciously) choose disempowerment so that we fit in. In the choosing of disempowerment we give up the seeing of ourselves as the decider and therefore we wait. We wait for circumstances to change (circumstances being our permission slip) so that we can change our perspective.  This is a long, arduous path of unrealized potential laying dormant for eons. It is the dead halt to our evolution because the only choice is to wait. 

To wake up to the fact that in reality you are the chooser, no if’s, and’s or but’s, is a radical transformation for most. You have to give up all trying, all hope, and all illusion that something out there can decide for you.  You must realize your own autonomy, your self-hood, apart from the story and apart from appearances.  The illusion that there is a separate world out there that operates independent from you must die.  It is then that you realize that waiting on life to change is a futile waste. 

You’ve been the power that generates all of this the entire time. Wake up to that fact. Decide to no longer be the punching bag of circumstances and step into yourself. Take up the space of yourself and your precise, clear knowingness will take charge of your life rather than all the crap of randomness and indecision you let fill it now. Decide.  Decide that you know and stop waiting on signs, magic, or situations to tell you or inform of what is. Your development as a being will rapidly accelerate if do.  Know that you know and the readiness, and reflection of that readiness through circumstances (rather than because of circumstances) will naturally and instantaneous emerge as you show up. 

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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