The secret to why you don’t heal

 What lies beneath your chronic health concerns

Who out there feels like they have been struggling with the same health condition in their body for years?  Perhaps you’ve done everything under the sun to address your concern, trying every conventional and alternative treatment that you can get your hands on.  Yet still no resolution.

The perpetual seeking for the next magical, miracle  solution to your health problem is indeed a stage of the healing process, it simply is not the stage that will create the healing that you desire.  You will gain insights and new awareness of yourself along the way, but you won’t feel like you’ve arrived at where you want to be.

The very simple reason why is because you have not changed your perception of how you view your current state.  You have jumped from this modality to that modality, giving the illusion of hope that this may be what really works, but your consciousness has remained the same, which is grounded in getting rid of your problem.

How healing happens

Making a perception shift 

As long as you “try to make your body different than it is” you will lose at the game of healing.  When you attempt to either take something out of our body or add something to it in order to make it different than it is, you will always get a temporary shift.  This may give you the illusion that you’ve healed, but soon enough your problem returns.

Hopefully at some point you realize (most likely after many failed attempts) that you have been giving your health away to sources outside of you, thinking outer things can and “need” to fix you.  You’ve mostly likely done this because you did not think or believe that there was another choice, but that is about to change.

The first step in any real healing is accepting what is exactly as it is, without trying to change it or make it different.  This ends the inner battle and allows whatever it is to be present and not resisted.  The second step is to allow this newfound acceptance to shift your perception, from I am broken and need to be different than I am, to I am already whole and healed.  When you shift your perception, however unbelievable that statement may currently seem to you, your body’s physiology will respond to this new perception and begin to function based on your new view.

This is what your body is doing all of time.  It responding to you.  When you keep telling it that it is broken by continually trying to fix it, it keeps responding as broken.  If you start knowing its already whole, it will respond by healing.  There is often some debris to clear before you can truly get on board as this is a radical shift to make, however it is not only possible, it can be a reality for you!

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC

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