Wholeness is here

No thought, no feeling, no sensation could ever take you out of God. That would be utterly impossible. There is nothing you could do or not do that could remove you from God. You can never leave God no matter what. We are conditioned over and over that God exists elsewhere, over there, out there, in something, in someone, but not here now.  That which is in plain sight, which is the only thing that is fully evident, we bypass, dismiss and fail to recognize.  

God is wholeness, completeness, unity, love and oneness.  This means you are never in any other state of being other than completion and unity. Now you can think you’re not, you can feel you’re not, you can sense you’re not, you can act like you’re not, however you can’t not ever be. This is crucial to understand and know. For without this knowing you will forever be chasing your wholeness, chasing your healing and you will never feel like you arrive.  

It’s not that you don’t arrive because in truth you can’t arrive other than right where you are.  There is no where to get, but only to see that where you are is complete even if it includes thoughts, feelings and sensations that you don’t like or prefer would be different than they are.  Attempting to change the sensations, feelings and thoughts is a backward approach to healing. It puts the chicken before the egg and keeps you chasing chicken after chicken. You can’t discover wholeness by changing the stuff of your experience. You can only recognize the wholeness that already is and then watch as all the stuff changes.  

As simple and logical as this people tend to take the complex and illogical approach.  They think it must be hard or take a long time, that healing will happen later when they integrate or figure something else out.  But what else is there to figure out?  How much more do you have to try to think, feel or sense your way into wholeness rather than just knowing your wholeness now?  It is so obvious, almost too obvious for us to see.  We think it must be more complicated, or that we aren’t worthy of it, that we need to work harder and see ourselves more clearly first.  This is just mind games we use to postpone our embrace of the truth of our already whole state. 


Receive what you are

How would you be if you already knew you where totally and completely healed in this moment?  How would you act, who would you be, how would you relate to others, and how would you serve and show up?  To contemplate how you would feel, serve, think, share, act and be in the knowingness of your wholeness is an important line of contemplation.  It is one that will open you up into that knowingness more and more, activating that which is already here to be seen and known by you.    

There is nothing that will make you complete.  There is no situation, event, circumstance, person, relationship, journey, experience, tool, technique, realization, insight, teaching, learning or anything else that will make you complete.  Absolutely nothing will make you complete.  There will be learning inside of experiences, but no experience will touch you or your already whole state of being.  While some aspect of your mind may feel sadden by this as it was hoping to find its completion inside of something, to the larger aspect of your being this is a total relief.  Nothing will make you complete because you already are complete.  

Now as much as this might sound like more spiritual hogwash and before you dismiss it as something you think you already know, stop and take a look at how much you attempt to change sensations, feelings and thoughts because you think that through changing them you will get closer to a state of peace, grace or love.  Look at how much you hope that your new relationship or some profound experience will change you for the better.  See how much you give your power, your well-being and your joy to the stuff of life.  Get this, you can’t get better, more loving, more peaceful, more graceful, or more joyful than you already are in this moment.  You are already all of those things.

When we stop trying to get what we are and instead receive what we are we change positions in the game of life.  We become the source of, the creator of, rather than the victim or the one done onto.  We stop attempting to fill the empty, endless, never ending void of un-healed un-wholeness, which could never actually exist outside of our thought of it.  The getting game becomes the giving game and the giving is sourced by the source that we know ourselves to be.  The abundance naturally exudes out and we can’t not share what we are.  

You are not broken.  No sensations, feeling or thought indicates that there is anything wrong, missing or incomplete about you.  Instead sensations, feelings and thoughts are simply information that guide your moves, motivate your actions and fuel your directions along this game board.  Nothing is serious unless you make it so, this is a game after all.  How do you want to play this game should be the only question you really ask yourself.  The game is not happening to you, it is for you and happens through you.  

Dr. Amanda Love, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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