The veil of forgetting

The veil of forgetting 

Perceived separation from our essence

Curtain from the theatreOne of the prime aspects of being human is that we have forgotten who and what we truly are.  By definition being human in a way requires us to forget our essence so that we can have a particular set of growth experiences that can only be experienced through forgetting.  As frustrating as this feels for us at times, it is part of the grand design of this universe. 

In the “Law of One”, which is a channeled text by a group called Ra, they discuss this as the the veil of forgetting.  All beings who incarnate as humans come underneath this veil so to speak.  So what exactly is this veil?  Essentially as I experience it, it is a veil of separation.  It comes with the experience that I am a separate person, with my own feelings, thoughts, and ideas and because I am separate I must protect myself from other beings.  Now when I use the word “other being” I am not only talking about other people, but I am also talking about sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas.  Beingness consists of all of these aspects, but generally we ascribe “other being” as another person.  I use a much larger definition here.  We are often protecting ourselves from others emotions, thoughts, sensations, ideas and actions that we perceive could be threat, and when we feel separate, threat is a persistent undertone to all of our experiences.

Within this veil there are also often feelings of being alone, cut off, disconnected, now knowing and wanting some external proof that something larger is orchestrating this universe, call that God or whatever you would like too.  Due to this veil of forgetting or separation we do not know what we are, that our very beinginess is the proof of God’s existence, as we are that.   

So we have this veil of forgetting our essence, so we thus feel like separate individual beings and we perceive threat from other.  This perceived threat, that is based on feeling separate, activates the fight/flight response in our nervous system.  When this get activated all of our resources go towards survival, protection and maintaining safety of our individual self.  The experience of having the fight/flight system activated is often reactive, defensive, anxious and overwhelmed.  


Our agreement to forget

The lessons of separation

Believe it or not, ultimately some aspect of your beingness agreed to have this experience of separation here now on this planet called Earth.  I’ve heard that being incarnated here is described as one of the richest and most sought out opportunities in the universe. Many beings want to come here to accelerate their souls growth and journey as one of the fastest ways is through this forgetting and the intensity of polarization of energies that are present here.  So you are quite fortunate to be here!  

So what are these lessons and why must we forget?  The lessons are unique to each being, but one of the primary global lessons is learning faith and surrendering what we think we know so that we can remember who we truly are.  We have developed these personalities that are very convinced of what they think they are (separate individual beings with names such as John or Mary) and what they know (the labels they have learned for things in the external manifest world).  At some point we come to a place where we realize that most of what we have been taught actually isn’t true and that we really don’t know shit.  We’ve learned to describe and give meaning to things and our sense of self and safety is reliant on those definitions and meanings since we perceive ourselves to be separate beings.  When we can suspend those definitions, even momentarily, we get a taste of truth.  

To have faith and surrender means that we must give up our own agendas, meaning what we think is supposed to be for instead what is to be revealed, the mystery, the unknown.  Now having faith doesn’t mean that you lose your free-will or that you no longer have intentions.  Faith and free-will exist simultaneously, even though they appear to be opposites they are indeed complementary.  You use your free-will to create and dream into being this life you desire and simultaneously let go of what you think it looks like in the manifest form.   

50013666 - girl opening curtains in a bedroomIt is through this learning that you begin to know your connection to something beyond your separate sense of self.  It is through this direct experience that you taste that which orchestrates all of life.  Without this veil of forgetting you would not be able to learn this lesson because you would already know what you are.  Here on this planet is the epic opportunity to learn this thing called faith and surrender.  

Through this learning you begin to penetrate this veil of forgetting and separation and experience your interconnectedness.  Your nervous system is now in allow mode rather than protective (fight/flight) mode and you begin to experience what I call the intergalactic nervous system, which is the way we are all connected through this intricate matrix-web-field of light-love.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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