Divine perfect love

Divine perfect love 

The magic of you

magical youDid you know that you are pure magic.  Divine perfect love.  Flawless.  Do you know that there is nothing but this. Our fall from grace, or God, or love comes through forgetting this simple truth and then refusing to believe it when it is pointed out to us.  What would your life look like, how would you feel and who would you be if at every moment of every day you brought this knowing, this remembrance, alive and in the forefront of your consciousness.  If you didn’t allow yourself to believe or even entertain any other possible truth or reality.  

Doubt and mistrust are the killers of life, destroyers of all possibilities and the zappers of love.  When we doubt who and what we are, believing that we are other than divine perfect love, then everything we see becomes a reflection of our doubt.  Things, events, situations and people appear distrustful.  Life feels devoid or empty of something but we can’t quite put our finger on what’s not there.  Sometimes we feel hopeless and lost and can’t find our way back home.  Our heart feels a million miles away and we are not even sure how to feel it again.  The world looks flat and ordinary.  Nothing seems magical.  We all know some level of having tasted this place.  Its called the “human condition” and sadly most people in our world our living this as their constant reality.  Some are just better at functioning within it than others.  

So what is our issue with not claiming, knowing and being the divine perfect love that we already are?  Why are we playing this game of denial with ourselves?  Why does it feel so hard to accept this truth?  We have become so focused on our body, matter and form that we have forgotten our spirit.  The fact that we are spirit as well as form feels like quackery to most because they can’t “see” their spirit.  Other people feel arrogant in saying they are spirit or divine, feeling “who are they to be so worthy and magical.”  We have been conditioned, simply by being born here, that we not divine, not worthy, and not perfect.  All of life’s seeming challenges, pains, sickness, and such are all catalyst and fuel to help us remember and reclaim what we already are while we simultaneously are inhabiting this body.  We are here to wake up to what we are inside of this form.  This is the primary lesson that humanity is learning right now.   

Pulling up the roots 

Unearthing the lies you’ve been taught about who you are

40630695 - big tree roots and sunshine in a green forestWe’ve all got roots, and for some of us it may have been a long time since we cleaned out our garden.  In fact some of us may have never cleaned out our gardens and are thus still living in our parents, grandparents and societies gardens.  We may be so rooted down to certain concepts and ideas of ourselves that we learned from others, that we actually believe we are those concepts and ideas. 

Its important to know exactly what is growing in your garden and how deep down in the soil of you it is rooted.  This is your responsibility and it is how you step into being the conscious, deliberate creator in your life.  Its how you literally create yourself.  It is up to you to do this.  Unfortunately no one can do this for you.  That’s why someone can tell you just how perfectly divine you are and yet you can’t believe it.  Its because you’ve got roots deep down in your garden that believe other and since you are the gardener of your garden it is fully up to you to tend it.  

Pulling up the old roots (stories, concepts) of self that don’t serve you is vital.  If you don’t pull them up then they will keep growing and showing up in your life.  At times they may even take over your entire garden.  Pulling them up allows room for new flowers, plants and trees to grow.  You must investigate and decide what greenery and roots that you want in your garden, and just like any garden you must nurture, nourish and water those that you want and let the others dry up. 

So what is nourishment in our metaphysical garden?  Nourishment is energy and energy comes from the thoughts, focus and the attention that we give to things.  What we focus on grows, what we don’t falls away.  If you want divine perfect love to grow then plant the seed and give it attention.  If you want unworthiness, doubt and mistrust to dry up then stop feeding them your energy.  You may see them arise in your garden from time to time, or even on a daily basis, and just as soon as you are aware of them choose not to give them nourishment.  Choose to take energy out of those plants and put it into other plants.  Be clear and intentional on what you want to grow and what you don’t want to grow.  Be willing to be so flexible that you can shift your attention and thus the nourishment you give to things the moment you recognize that they’ve arisen.  Decide that it is important enough to you to not keep feeding those old plants and be willing to shift your focus instantaneously.  

Again only you can do this.  Support from others that can point and direct you is vital but ultimately it is up to you.  Take the energy out of blame, shame, victim, and fault and take ownership of your life.  Be the driver and you will see just how much power you really have to create yourself and your life.  

Dr. Amanda Hessel, Chiropractor, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Boulder, Colorado

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