Self-Love School

Self-Love School

12 week online course to master self-love

Hi friends & avid blog readers.  I am excited to announced that I have just completed and launched SELF-LOVE SCHOOL.  This is something that I have wanted to create for several years and it has now come into full manifestation.  Self-Love School is a 12 week online course designed to help you master self-love.  The largest pain we have as human beings is feeling unworthy and unlovable.  However you don’t need to keep living out this story.  You have the ability to reclaim and know your worth so that you are unshakably rested as love now.

Self-Love School provides you with all the teachings and tools that you need to master self-love.  Through self-love mastery you will know what it feels like to love yourself and experience living a life knowing your worth and thus increasing your contribution to life and others.

The curriculum includes 12 separate modules (one released each week for 12 weeks) on different topics related to self-love.  Here is a list of each week’s topic:

Week 1: Cultivating Desire for Self-Love

Week 2: Self-Love & Survival

Week 3: Self-Love & Emotions

Week 4: Self-Love & Sense of Self

Week 5: Self-Love & Service

Week 6: Self-Love & Wisdom

Week 7: Self-Love & Energy

Week 8: Self-Love & Spirituality

Week 9: Self-Love & Your Health

Week 10: Self-Love & Relationships

Week 11: Self-Love & Gratitude

Week 12: Self-Love Mastery


Why Self-Love?

  • Every single thing in your life works better when you love yourself
  • You feel comfortable inside of your own skin and body
  • Life feels less hard and more fun
  • You easily see how to support yourself and others
  • Trusting yourself becomes natural
  • You recognize that love really does heal all
  • Presence becomes effortless
  • Kindness to yourself and others emerges freely
  • You enjoy yourself and feel like you and your life matters
  • And so much more….


What’s included?

  • Each week, for 12 weeks, you will receive access to an online teaching module that includes a core teaching on a specific topic related to self-love.  The core teaching is approximately one hour in length.
  • In addition each module has bonus and supplemental materials.  These include guided meditations, exercises to help you connect with yourself, additional teachings, articles to read and homework/practical assignments to do each week.
  • Inclusion in a private Facebook group dedicated solely to participants of the 12 week Self-Love course
  • Access to all materials and modules for 1 year from purchase date allowing you take the program up to 4 times


How does it work?

  • Once you enroll in the course you will receive an email that leads you directly to the course where you will have access to the welcome information along with the first module of the course
  • Each week a new module will open up for your viewing.  You will get an email notification when your access to it is available.
  • You will need to devote 1.5 – 2 hours each week to get through the material in each week’s module.  The course is self-paced meaningif you need more time for each module you can take as much time as you need to complete it.  Once the module becomes available to you, you will have open access to it for an entire year.
  • The course is open enrollment, meaning new participantswill be joining every day.


How much does it cost?

There are 2 options for payment:

  • One time paid in full cost is $299 or
  • 3 monthly payments of $133

You save $100 by paying in full

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the course.  For more information or to enroll please visit:


Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC

Owner of Chiropractic Alchemy

Founder of Aligned as Love

Creator of Self-Love School

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